Yummy Mummies Season 3 is Back!!

Yummy Mummies Season 3 is Back!!

Yes you heard it, the famous Australian television series is back. According to THE NEXT HINT, the third season of the drama YUMMY MUMMIES is going to be aired very soon on netflix. It was first aired on july 9, 2017 on netflix. It showcasted the story of 4 rich, healthy and pregnant mothers who helped each other through all the hardships of pregnancy and childbirth. The series follows them during their pregnancies as they immerse themselves in a new and chaotic life with toddlers. The women would prefer to welcome their babies to the world in the luxurious way they live. These include bundles of money, horse carriages and lavish baby showers, which are part of their arrangements. There are no boundaries to the spending of the “yummy mummies”. In the full series we saw another female pregnant mother named maria. She was not part of the yummy mummies group and was always in competition with them be it their lifestyle or preparation for kids, lavish baby showers she did want to compete in all. 

Now that’s we call it a fun filled drama that keeps its viewers glued to their screens till it ends. The first two seasons were loved by a lot of people. All the ladies who saw it usually recommend their pregnant friends to watch. For pregnant ladies it’s an emotional drama because each can relate and feel the hardships more, blame all on hormones. 

Season 1 ends with them having the kids. We all thought season 2 would be very low-key because what twist is gonna happen when all the kids will be coming. But boy were we wrong? Season 2 just got lot more hornier as it includes a lots and lots of sex talk. Yeah sex talk in a reality drama series airing to the whole world. After maria exited the first season, iva maara took her place well. All the females were seen talking dirty which added a lot of spice to this show. Well this show was actually showing a real part of how the moms are dealing with their desires. They showcasted well how a woman, especially a mother too, can have desires and needs. This was a major twist which fans were not at all expecting to get. Fans loved how honest and straight-forward language was used in the whole season without making it sound vulgar. 

Now all we do is wait for the season 3 episodes. We got news that season 3 is gonna premier very soon. So folks keep the spirit high and pray that Netflix releases season 3 of “yummy mummies” real soon. For now this was all we wanted to share.

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