Women Pregnancy Forum and Health Forum

Women Pregnancy Forum and Health Forum

Pregnancy is a stage where a woman can feel some changes in her life. It develops a body of a woman. It takes more than 9 months and a woman carries a baby for 9 months. There are many stages of pregnancy and many steps. Sometimes for some causes and for some reason a woman gave birth the baby in 7 months then it called pre mature delivery. Sometimes it is very risky for the baby and the mother.  But an ideal delivery is happened after 9 months and in 90 percent cases the delivery is happening safely.

Steps and precautions of pregnancy

When a woman became pregnant then she have to takes of precautions it is called prenatal care. Prenatal care includes taking extra folic acid, avoid drugs or alcohol regular exercise, blood test, regular physical examination. There are some complications in pregnancy happened it included disorders of high blood pressure , gestational diabetes, iron deficiency anemia and server nausea and vomiting.  In an ideal child birth labor pain begins when women is ‘at term’. It is considered at full term when gestation is lasted 39 to 41 weeks. When it is continues till 41 weeks then it is known as late term and after 42 weeks it is called post term.  Babies who are born before 39 weeks are considered early term and who are born before 37 weeks it is called preterm. Who are born in preterm those have health problems such as cerebral palsy. Before 39 weeks by labor induction or caesarean is not recommend unless it requires for medical reasons.

 Pregnant woman forum

This pregnant woman forum takes care of pregnant woman. In a server in the year of 2012 there are 213 million pregnancies occurred of which 190 million in developing world  like Asia and 23 million in developed world. India is a developing world so it needed for woman to take care of them. The age of woman who are pregnant is 15 to 44 is 133 per 1000. About 10% to 15% pregnancies end as a miscarriage. In 2016 complications in pregnancy resulted in 230600 deaths down from 377000 death in 1990. So for these type of problem pregnant woman forum is needed.

Pregnancy health forum

For a pregnant mother health is the most important thing. If the health of a mother is not well then health of her baby will also not be well. Thus, a mom-to-be or already a mother of one a baby, needs her belly full of queries to be solved. Here comes the pregnancy health forum, which is very much needed for a woman.


Pregnancy health forum is very much needed in India as it’s a huge population so percentage of child birth is also very huge. So for a healthy future it’s needed to care a woman when she is pregnant. To care her baby and health of the mother. Pregnancy health forum are those type of institution where they take care the mother and the baby.

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