Why Portfolio Management Services Make Sense for HNIs? 5 Reasons

Why Portfolio Management Services Make Sense for HNIs? 5 Reasons

High Networth Individuals or HNIs looking for high value returns often struggle when it comes to selecting the right mix of investments. To make smart investment decisions, an increasing number of HNIs now rely on professional services for managing their portfolio. Check out the five reasons why such services make sense for HNIs.

The investment options in India have reached to an extent where the majority of the new investors find it difficult to make the right choice as per their risk appetite and financial objective. The same is true for HNIs aiming to generate handsome returns from their investments while keeping their portfolio lean.

As such investors often have larger funds at disposal, taking investment decisions solely based on their own knowledge can put their capital under high risk. Due to this, an increasing number of HNIs now rely on the expertise of professional portfolio managers. If you are an HNI looking to invest, here are some reasons that make such professional services an ideal choice for you-

  1. The Benefit of Customised Services

One of the biggest benefits of professional portfolio management is the customised services they offer. Every investor’s investment horizon, risk appetite, and financial objectives are taken into consideration for creating a portfolio that perfectly suits their custom requirements.

This ensures that the investors can systematically achieve their financial goals without taking unwanted risks that an investor might not be comfortable with.

  1. Exposure to a Wide Range of Investment Products

With professional management, investors also get to choose from a host of investment products. Some of the top AMCs offer equity, debt, and sector-specific portfolios to help you generate optimal returns.

Your investment portfolio can also be a mix of different products to achieve diversification and minimise the risk.

  1. Domain Expertise of Portfolio Managers

Needless to say, one of the biggest reasons for selecting professionals to manage your investment is their domain expertise. The financial markets are complex, and you’ll have a spend a lot of time understanding the fundamentals of the market to be able to make the right investment decisions.

Professional managers thoroughly understand the markets and are better prepared to take advantage of available opportunities.

  1. Enhanced Convenience

Many of the top service providers also assign a customer relationship manager to each of their clients. This relationship manager is your point of contact for anything and everything with regards to your investment.

This ensures that you have easy access to someone who can answer all your investment related queries. Moreover, some of the service providers also offer 24×7 assistance.

  1. Easy Performance Tracking

When all your investments are consolidated into a single portfolio, it’ll be easier for you to track its performance. If at all a particular investment is not working as expected, your portfolio manager can make timely adjustments to help you achieve better returns or mitigate the losses to a great extent.

Most of the portfolio management services now also allow you to track the performance of your portfolio online. They also send regular updates to further add up to the performance tracking convenience.

Be Smart and Leverage on the Benefits of Professional Portfolio Management

With experienced professionals actively managing your investments, your portfolio definitely has far better chances to deliver impressive returns. If you are an HNI and planning to invest, get in touch with a reputed AMC to discuss your options.

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