Why is Over Styling Bad for Your Hair?

Why is Over Styling Bad for Your Hair?

Have you ever been to a party and come back home to find that your hair is in the worst possible condition? If your answer is yes then you have probably been a victim of over styling your hair at least more than one time. Overstyling includes a lot of things but the one thing it does is, it makes the person’s hair significantly weaker than it was before. Once the overstyling starts happening very frequently, the hair follicles will be completely ruined and hairfall will persist.

The types of overstyling mistakes you have been making

We all know that using harsh chemicals on the hair can make it significantly weaker. People usually advocate against using dye on the hair because it makes the hair very brittle and damages the hair till you choose to cut the portion of dyed hair. However, there are a number of very common mistakes you have been making and you don’t even know it. Let us have a look:

  1. Drying the hair with a towel: When you rough up your wet hair with a towel and aggressively dry it, you can be rest assured that you’re causing damage to your strands. This is because the outer layer of your hair is made up of cuticles which swells when it’s wet. When you aggressively rub it with a towel it becomes vulnerable and prone to damage. This is why doctors advise that you let your hair dry naturally after using a dandruff shampoo conditioner, before you use a towel.
  2. Too much brushing: When you use a brush or a comb frequently, chances are that you are severely damaging your hair. Not only will you be damaging the hair cuticle but you will be causing damage to the follicle as well. It is very difficult to not have any hair visible on your comb, however if there is too much hair it’s probably because you’ve been brushing your hair way too hard.
  3. Using the wrong hair products: It is very important to know your hair properly. Some people live their whole lives without knowing what hair type they have and what product is best suited for their hair. Using a product that’s not meant for your hair can damage it more than you think.
  4. UV light: We all know how bad the UV rays are for our skin but very few people know how bad it is for the hair on our head. Ultraviolet light rays can destroy and damage the structures contained within each strand of hair. This weakens the hair from the roots and makes it fall easily. It is important to cover your head before you leave the house with a scarf or a hat, or simply using an umbrella.
  5. Harmful products: A lot of different types of products like soap and shampoos can cause a hormonal imbalance in your hair which can result in tremendous hair loss. This is because almost all shampoos use harmful preservatives. You must only use the best shampoo for oily scalp and dandruff during winters to keep your hair healthy.

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