Why Having An Internal Social Media Manager Is The Norm In 2019

Why Having An Internal Social Media Manager Is The Norm In 2019

In the age of digital technology, and with all the great online marketing and easy to follow analytic tools available these days, you may be wondering what all the fuss is about when it comes to social media management.

Well, there’s a good reason for having an internal social media manager. Not only has ‘social media’ become the new buzz word, which absolutely everyone is talking about, it’s also a must have for any business who wants to get ahead digitally in 2019.

Managing so many social media platforms is a challenging job and one of the most important commodities in our modern age is ‘time’.  A social media manager must be committed to not only manage an organisation’s digital marketing but to also have a sharp eye for future trends that are being introduced on social media.

Whether you’re keen on becoming a social media manager or you want to hire the best there is in this growing field, it’s a great idea to complete a social media manager course so you’ll be in the ‘know’ when it comes to the many diverse tasks of a social media manager.

What exactly does a social media manager do?

In a nutshell, a social media manager is a definite all-rounder when it comes to taking care of digital marketing for their organisation.  Wearing many tech hats is a given and with the continual growth of social media platforms, the job of a social media manager is set to not only become more in demand, but to be an absolute ‘must have’.

So, social media managers are certainly in demand, but what exactly does a social media manager do?

Here are a most of the many daily tasks that a social media manager is responsible for:

  • Content creation – The need for high quality content is constant on digital channels.  A social media manager needs to be a great content creator.  Whether it’ is imagery or videos that is being posted – it’s key to keep ‘all’ content of the highest quality.
  • Know your audience – The ability to understand your target audience is vital.  Knowing their wants and needs will drive great social media interaction.  Humanise all interactions with your audience.
  • Data intelligence – BI, or business intelligence, is of great value to corporations, so knowing how to get the most of out data collected via social media is important.
  • Brand awareness – Social media can be a double-edged sword when it comes to marketing.  With this in mind, it’s important to constantly positively position your brand on social media platforms. 
  • Consumer engagement – Always take note of what your consumers are saying about your organisation on social media.  Take swift action where its needed and always reply to comments, questions and queries – even negative ones.  In essence, a social media manager needs to be quick.
  • Customer experience – Digital transformation is ultimately driven by the need to improve the consumers overall experience.  Customer engagement is a huge part of meeting these needs.  Responding to your customer’s online interaction through social media is key to the success of am online presence.  Enhancing their experience is key to social media marketing.
  • Digital marketing – It’s often not enough to post, share and engage for business on social media, it’s also important to promote content further, which can be done by many forms of paid advertising on social media platforms within all different aspects of digital marketing.
  • SEO marketing – Search engine optimisation (SEO) is the art of maximising the return of all digital marketing efforts.  Good SEO involves a range of methods that ensures the best possible place on the search engine results pages.
  • Analytics – Being able to accurately measure and record data from each post made on social media is vital.  Without proper data analysis, it’s difficult to determine the effects of a social media marketing campaign.  Being able to track the number of followers, number of posts shared, engagements and leads is the cornerstone of social media management.


While many companies may opt to outsource the role of a social media manager, having an internal person responsible for the plethora of tasks that go hand in hand with the job is often the best choice.

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