Why a company needs to keep an aptitude test for hiring process

aptitude test

These days organizing an Aptitude test at any recruitment area is an absolutely good and a necessary idea. This is because; when a company is hiring few people for certain positions they have to make sure that those who they are hiring whether have the right skills to justify their position or not. The company also needs to check are those people are fit enough to work in a corporate culture? Because, if the employees are not hired without proper checking then they might leave the company after a couple of months and the company has to hire again some new people which in turn can increase the turnover cost of the company.

That is why; these days in order to take perfect hiring decisions and to prevent the high job turn over most of the corporate companies think of taking aptitude tests for the interested candidates to are keen to work for certain profiles. This is done so that proper people gets hired who have the right set of skills that are required for a particular position.

From years now the hiring segment of any organization has used their observations, feelings and judgments along with their experiences when they used to hire new candidates. But now, the scenario has completely changed. At present, the hiring process has become more scientific and in order to evaluate people companies have found out new strategies and tests so that the applying candidates can prove their capability there.

So, most companies rely in ability testing these days. Now this is a part of a psychological test and it is mainly taken to asses a person on how much they are able to do. In this, there are 2 parts. One is ‘achievements’ where a person can describe what they have learned in the past and the other part is ‘aptitude’ where an individual can show their learning ability and how fast they can develop in near future.

Some important bits and pieces that are needed in Ability and an Aptitude Test

Well, in most of the recruitment processes the assessment is mainly done depending on an individual achievement. Like, how much educational qualification a candidate has and what are the skills that he/she possesses. If there is any particular training required for the job, have they completed that? What exactly is their previous performance record? This is very much needed to understand the potential development of a person in coming future.

But there are few things to remember before organizing these tests. Firstly, the achievement test and the aptitude test are dependent on each other. If a person is good in athletes, they might have a clear athletic aptitude. Also one has to keep in mind that these ability tests are mainly conducted to measure the present behavior of a candidate which is largely based on their past experiences. Depending on that, one can judge a person’s limitations and potentials.

There is also another thing known as the Interest Test. It is not the same as the Aptitude Test. So, with this one can gauge a candidate on where their interest lies and what kind of work is their forte.

Benefits of Aptitude Tests

Here are some major reasons why a company should depend on an aptitude test when there is a hiring process.

  • These tests mostly offer some objective comparisons. The major reason behind companies using this test is to improve the quality that they are hiring. It is also said that tests are more prominent and accurate than an interview process and it picks the right candidate who has better ability to serve the role. If the test is made properly then it becomes more accurate in selecting the candidates.
  • Most of the reputable tests are well tried and tested and they have proper standards. Also these tests are reliable and valid for job opportunities. It helps the recruitment cell of a company to work even better when it comes to hiring process.
  • But before using any aptitude test the company should always check if that is a part in the employment law of the country. The company has to meet all the possible legal requirements which are required for testing.
  • When an aptitude test is done, the company recruitment cell easily gets a clear idea about the capability of a particular candidate who has sat for the test. With this one can decide how much training a candidate will be requiring after getting the job to satisfy the role. Also it is a very low and cost effective thing that can be conducted in a hiring process. It has a proper testing resource.

But then every good thing also has its side effects. Not anything and everything under the sky can be perfect or without any errors. Sometimes there are few aptitude tests that show some cultural biased and it can affect the test results. Also if the test in happening in English language and if the candidate is not fluent enough in that, then it can be a problem for the applicant to take that test.

Also, the previous experience may not be directly related to aptitude tests all the time.

But these basic problems can easily be avoided if a company can go for a proper standardized aptitude test as their overall recruitment process. This can always show a candidate’s current potential.

Now the question is how to choose that which aptitude test is right for the company? Well, in order to do that one has to decide what they want to determine through the test. Is it about any specific professional skill or is it about general intelligence? Depending on that one has to choose accordingly. There are plenty of options from which one can pick like abstract reasoning, verbal reasoning, mechanical reasoning and many more. One can also check the language capability of a candidate in a test if it is necessary.

Once all the requirements are set, the company can pick an aptitude test that caters all the things that they need and go for it.

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