What You Should Learn About Crooked Nose?

What You Should Learn About Crooked Nose?

It is not about only one group or specific people but many people may experience crooked noses in many sizes or shapes. You may have no idea what type of crooked nose it is but this article will help you learn. The best rhinoplasty surgeon in Lahore shared that a crooked nose is not a straight one with a vertical lining down the center of your face. Well, the cause of the crooked nose is subtleness and how it looks. 

People often take it as a cosmetic concern but it can affect breathing. You can find a lot of stuff online but you should not follow any of the tips until it is authentic. You should get help from an expert.

Let’s find out about the causes of a crooked nose and how you can treat it.

Causes of the Crooked Nose

You should not find the treatment until you identify the causes of the crooked nose. Well, the cause also decides the types of crooked noses. The one type of crooked nose is the complex system of bones, tissue, and cartilage that build your nose.

The first type of crooked nose may result due to several reasons, such as tumors, severe infections, injuries, birth defects, etc.

There are different shapes that come as a result due to these reasons. These shapes include S-, I-, and C-shaped. The second type of crooked nose deviated septum. It is the internal wall that separates your left and right nasal passages from each other.

People who have this type of crooked nose tend to lean to one side. It leads to the blocking of partially one side which is followed by an injury.

A deviated septum can also cause some of the symptoms, such as loud breathing, nosebleeds, difficulty sleeping on one side, etc.

Have you ever read about the exercises of the crooked nose?

Yes, you can follow some of the authentic exercises for a crooked nose.

Is there Exercise for Crooked Nose?

A crooked nose needs your attention as it may affect your breathing and maybe a cosmetic concern for you. Some of the facial exercises can help with the shape and size of the nose which raises your concerns.

What does Research say?

There are no such studies that support exercise as an effective solution for a crooked nose. The structure of the nose is made up of tissues and bones. You cannot change the shape or size of the bones through exercises.

What are the Claims?

You may find many experts who claim to reshape the nose with some facial exercises. But you need to make sure from the expert what type of exercises you can follow. But they aren’t working according to some studies.

What Treatment You Should Look For?

You cannot rely on exercises or the things you read online. There are some non-surgical methods that can also help with a crooked nose. You can ask the doctor if you can have soft tissue fillers as they are injectable materials that contribute to shaping the nose.

They are injected into the nose area that camouflages the crookedness of the bones and cartilage by filling in the soft tissue areas of the nose. There are different tissue fillers including calcium hydroxylapatite, silicon, and hyaluronic acid.

But they can have some side effects but not silicon. These can cause severe inflammation which needs proper attention. It increases the risk of infections and also makes your skin thin.

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How Surgery Can Help?

Fillers can help when it comes to straightening a crooked nose but you need surgery for some severe cases. Your doctor will check the condition of the nose and if you need surgery except fillers. It generally focuses on the nose outside but septoplasty can help in straightening the wall that divides the nose inside into two.

Let’s get into details about how both surgeries work for the crooked nose.


Septoplasty is recommended for those with reshaping the wall between the nasal passages. It helps in straightening the nose. Due to deviated septum, the doctor may suggest Septoplasty. It helps to relieve nasal airway blockage which is caused due to deviated septum.


Rhinoplasty is of two types, including functional rhinoplasty and cosmetic rhinoplasty. People who are concerned about their looks due to the shape of their noses often go for cosmetic rhinoplasty. Some people often go for functional rhinoplasty who have been experiencing breathing problems.

The Bottom Line!

You should talk to your surgeon in detail if you need any surgery type for your crooked nose. If you have been experiencing breathing problems and other issues, make sure that you consult a doctor at the right time. Early treatment can help with the breathing problem and also reshape the nose.

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