What Is The Mountain Of Butterflies? Google Doodle Marks 41st Anniversary Of The Natural Phenomenon

What Is The Mountain Of Butterflies

For its first Doodle of the year, Google is celebrating the 41st anniversary of the discovery of “The Mountain of Butterflies,” when a research team located millions of Monarch butterflies that had migrated to Mexico’s easternmost Sierra Madre Mountains.

According to the Google Doodle Blog, a group of Canadian zoologist led by Fred Urquhart in 1975 “unlocked one of nature’s most beautiful mysteries: the overwintering of the monarch butterfly” after a decades-long search involving thousands of volunteers and spanning an entire continent.

“They swirled through the air like autumn leaves,” said Urquhart after his first visit, “carpet[ing] the ground in their flaming myriads on the Mexican mountainside.”

—Google Doodle Blog

Designed by Doodler Kevin Laughlin, the logo leads to a search for “what is the mountain of butterflies” and can be shared on social channels or via email.

The Doodle has a limited reach, only posted on Google home pages for the US, Mexico, parts of South America and Europe, along with a few other countries, including Kenya, Malaysia, Japan and Iceland.

Source – searchengineland

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