What is a Video Editor?

What is a Video Editor?

Video is a type of content form consumed in quite a great quantity nowadays. There are several forms of media and video has always been one for the most captivating as there is an endless opportunity to capture the viewers’ attention.

As at 2017, according to Cisco Visual Networking Index: Forecast and Trends, 75 percent of Internet Traffic was video. This prevalence of video content is obviously the reason why there are a lot of opportunities for video editors across industries.

The good thing about being a video editor is the flexibility that comes with the job. As a video editor, you can work in any Industry you find yourself.

A video editor performs a number of special tasks in whatever establishment he/she is working in. They are mainly responsible for editing, arranging and putting together recorded materials in their raw forms into a proper and professional video content format ready for broadcasting and distribution.

The video content may contain camera footage, sound effects, graphics and special effects, and dialogue.

A video editor’s position is a very important position in the company as it plays a huge role in the success story of the company. This is because video has transformed into the best form for communicating brand messages on online platforms.

A video editor is not only responsible for capturing, editing, mastering and producing photo and video content for internal company purposes or for external distribution; the video editor has become a key part of the company’s online PR, marketing and branding.

Statistics from Facebook show that about 500 million people watch videos on the social media platform daily in 2018, with 56 per cent of that number believing that videos are the most influential Facebook content.

What this means is that the role of the video editor has exceeded the realms of Hollywood and other filmic productions to cover social media marketing, content creation and branding for/in any industry.

Video editors work with a number of video editing tools which help them create and edit their raw media into finished productions. Adobe Premiere Pro, iMovie for Mac, Final Cut Pro X and Shotcut are some of the popular free video editing tools that are readily available online. These software help the video editor apply graphics, audio, text and other needed additions to his or her media.

While the video editor’s work is highly technical considering software used in editing and creation, it also demands a high level of creativity and imagination. A video editor, while examining his target audience, has to create videos that are appealing to the eyes, intriguing to the mind as well as rich with insightful and informative content. The desire to create a well curated video is time-tasking, therefore, the video editor must be extremely patient while exercising his or her skills as work worth doing must be excellently deployed.

In today’s world where technological advancement is in competition with the speed of light, it is quite an exciting time for the video editor. Social media has also created an enormous opportunities for the video editor to display his or her skills without waiting for employment opportunities. It is important for every aspiring video editor to keep a show reel of their works as this is the key proof of their abilities when speaking to clients.

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