Ways Cloud Phone Service is Changing the Game for Business Communication


There is no question that cloud computing has vastly changed the way in which modern businesses communicate with customers, clients, and other businesses around the world. More specifically, telecom has seen massive changes thanks to cloud computing, namely cloud phone service. In this article, we will look at a number of ways your organization can use cloud phone service to gain a competitive advantage.

Virtual Locations

Virtual locations are methods that businesses use to aid in their localization process in markets where they may or may not have a physical presence. Thanks to the ubiquity of the Internet, your business can appear to be based in a location of your choosing around the world by leveraging such virtual elements as an eCommerce website, an online collaboration platform, chat services, and more.

However, while in-person contact is becoming a thing of the past, the most significant way of establishing a credible virtual location is by using virtual numbers. Driven by cloud computing, virtual phone numbers are identical in function and form to “regular” phone numbers, but use the cloud to transmit audio data instantly between two parties. Furthermore, virtual phone numbers circumvent traditional obstacles from foreign service providers, such as long-distance fees and service blockages, making them an attractive choice for cost-conscious businesses.

By opening up lines of communication with virtual phone numbers, you vastly increase the success of your virtual location.

Direct Access to New Markets

Perhaps the greatest area that cloud phone service is changing the game within business communication is how it allows businesses to directly access new markets. By using a popular add-on called outbound calling, your business can reach new markets without being blocked by international service providers or by encountering long-distance fees that make it cost prohibitive to expand your business. Furthermore, when you contact those customers, your virtual phone number will appear on their caller ID, which can feature a country code and area/region code that the recipient is familiar with. This makes it more likely that callers will pick up the phone and do business, than if you had called from another region or country altogether.

Offering Around-the-Clock Availability

In our modern world, customers in nearly every country are ready to do business with your organization if you have the infrastructure set up to do so.

Luckily with cloud phone numbers, you can outsource inbound phone calls using an add-on known as time-of-day-routing. Just as the name implies, time-of-day-routing redirects inbound calls made to your cloud phone number to another destination phone number depending on when the call is placed. If perhaps, you decide that you want calls made to your cloud phone number to be redirected to a call center in a more favorable time zone, this can be done instantly with time-of-day-routing.

As an example, if a caller in the United Kingdom wants to reach your Boston-based business outside of regular EST business hours of 9AM – 5PM, you can have a call center in the UK (or elsewhere) process the call. This helps accommodate international callers and increases the likelihood that your business will grow accordingly.

New Functionalities, New Business Models

The possibilities of cloud computing have made business communication virtually limitless. This means that businesses are adapting and changing their business models to follow suit. For instance, virtual phone numbers using an add-on known as “CallMeClick” enable visitors to your website to initialize a call from their mobile phones and other devices that have calling capabilities. This can help make your inbound marketing more integrated into your organization’s sales funnel.

Similarly, if your business is looking to monitor its communication data, most service providers equip their subscribers with intuitive dashboards that allow your staff to monitor data from inbound and outbound calls. Having the ability to measure analytics, such as average call time, can help your business adjust its internal policies for maximum efficiency.

Author’s Bio: As a tech writer, Tom Senkus helps inform businesses and entrepreneurs about the latest developments that can give your business a competitive edge in the modern global economy. For a full list of his published work and writing services, visit

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