Want to Play with your Dogs? – Teach them to catch Ball

How to Teach a Dog to Fetch a Ball

Dogs always love to play, and above all, they like to fetch anything and even try to chew them if the owners do not ask back for it.So if you will not teach them to fetch stuff for you, then upon catching anything interesting they will simply start to chew them.Well, the question arises here that How to Teach a Dog to Fetch a Ball?

Before you start to teach anything to your dog, there is something that you needs to know about him, and that is dogs are fast learners. So you do not have to face much trouble in order to teach them to fetch a ball or newspaper for you without destroying it. Or sometime if you will throw something then they will start running after it in order to try to catch it, but instead of returning it back to you they just start to run off in other direction.

Chase instead of Fetch

And if you start to run behind them they will consider it as a chase and they will try to run away from you. The main reason behind this is that they are unable to understand the physics of the game to fetch things. Teaching some particular thing to an animal requires a lot of patience.

So make your start with throwing stuff away, and no doubt your dog will run after it to catch it. Once your dog has learned this stage, the next stage will be to drop it out. And here you have to start with giving the command to drop the object from the mouth.Make sure if your dog is holding something in his mouth then you should order him to drop it on the floor. It will surely take some time for your dog to learn this command, but soon he will learn it.

Initial Steps

Then make sure you are sitting in a small room, and do not throw the object very far. Try to throw it at a very short distance so that you yourself can reach it as well while sitting. Once your dog has picked a toy or ball that you have thrown away then carry a treat in your hand which will force the dog to get back to you. And only give a treat to the dog once he drops the object near you or in your hand. Keep this practice every day, so that your dog learn the rules of this game very well. After this keep increasing the distance of your throw.

Keep Practicing

Make sure that you continue this practice in some room rather outside in the backyard. Once your dog gets used to it, then take this game to another level, and continue it outside in the backyard. But still, make sure that you always carry some treats in your hand while you are playing game fetch with your canine. As this is the only way to get your dog come back to you. But once your dog has learnt all the necessary commands then you can freely play this game anywhere with your pet.

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