Visit 5 Lesser Known Places in Salalah

Visit 5 Lesser Known Places in Salalah

Salalah is the capital of the Dofar region and has a vibe which is different from the rest of Oman. This is because of its East African influences which are curiously reflected doubly on its weather patterns that make it more like a tropical paradise than a desert city. It’s perfect for long range vacationers to people who need a short break in the hot summers.

To reach this place, go through the Salalah International Airport which caters to regional Arab nations like UAE, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. But for international travellers, Qatar Airways is more recommended. You can even get cheap air tickets and Salalah tour packages from UAE, Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, the US etc. from trusted tour providers. Make sure to check for authenticity.

Salalah has a lot of tourist attractions which you will know about, so how about we tell you about the places which aren’t that widely known:

  1. Sultan Qaboos Mosque

Salalah’s Sultan Qaboos Mosque isn’t the same as the one in Muscat but it sure is attractive with two huge domes decorated with minarets, decked in sumptuous gold and white decorations, all of which look amazing against the bright blue backdrop of the sky. The interior similarly, has a stunning color palette which is bolstered by the shimmering crystal chandeliers as well as the white and gold ceiling mosaics. Tip: Wearing modest dresses and a head covering is a must for women.

  1. Salalah Tourism Festival

The annual festival which celebrates the country’s culture and heritage is held during the monsoon season. The festival is mainly held on Ittin Road and is full of food stalls, amusement rides, restaurants, cultural villages, theatre shows and more. Make sure to spend one evening here at least.

  1. Al Mughsail Beach

This is a great place to relax after a long vacation, but to be honest, there’s not much to do here apart from picnicking and reading a book. But the way till there is a scenic treat with a 30-minute car ride from the Salalah city which features six kilometers of pure shimmering white sandy shores. Also, there are some natural blowholes at either end of the beach which will certainly be entertaining for kids.

  1. Museum of the land of Frankincense

This museum tells the story of the nation’s most valuable natural product- frankincense. Here you will get to know the story of how it was shipped to India in the beginning and exchanged for spices. The museum is located right by the Al Baleed ancient ruins that were part of the port of Zafar during the 12th century and it was from there that the bulk of Frankincense was shipped off from. The museum is open from Sunday to Thursday.

  1. Al Marneef Cave

Located right by the Al Mughsail Beach, this cave deserves a mention desperately. Filled with green mountains, it’s a great picnic spot for family and friends. There’s a whole lot of luscious grass on the area surrounding the caves which are ripe for some games. These aren’t really caves, as in you can’t go inside them, but they are a good relaxing spot for sure.

Salalah is still an undiscovered gem for people not residing in the nearby countries, it’s an antithesis to the hot and humid countries surrounding it and is a great place to escape to for a vacation.

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