Towing Companies and How They Work

Towing Companies

Towing, or moving a car away with the help of towing vehicles might be necessary for a lot of reasons. Parking is the wrong place might lead to the car being towed away by the police. Breaking down of vehicles due to a flat tire, dead battery, stuck in a ditch, or out of fuel, all these circumstances require towing of the vehicle. Towing requires experience, expertise, and proficiency.

Towing is a complex and an expensive affair and there are companies that help you with the towing process. Towing companies work alongside the local police and traffic officers.

Here are a few things we need to know about Towing Companies:

  • Types of Towing: Most towing companies offer 3 types of towing services. Light Duty towing is for small vehicles such as SUVs, motorcycles, pickup trucks, and vans. Medium Duty towing is mainly for buses, RVs, dual wheel pick-up trucks, large vans etc. Heavy Duty towing assists semi-trucks, tractor trailers, big busses, RV’s etc. Hence, the towing depends on the size and in turn the weight of the vehicle being towed.
  • Fees: If your vehicle has been towed by the police, you need to pay a fine to get your car back. However, in other cases, each towing company has a fee that depends on the size of the vehicle and the distance it needs to be towed to. A certain amount of money is charged every kilometer and hence, towing services should be hired only in cases of emergency.
  • Towing Rights: Each country has their own towing rights, especially when it is being towed by the police.


  • The driver needs to check whether the towing company is an accredited contractor of the MMDA or the LGU of the operating area.
  • Immediate payment of money to prevent the car from getting towed is illegal and the traffic officer or the towing company should never do such a thing.
  • The car needs to be collected at the impounding lot and not at other places.
  • If the vehicle is “attended illegally parked vehicle”, a TVR (traffic violation receipt) should be issued.
  • The driver has to be informed as and when his vehicle is being towed by the officers.
  • The driver has the right to know whether the towing company is legitimate and accredited.
  • When a car is being towed, there are chances of damages being inflicted to the car due to the carelessness of the towing company. The driver can ask the towing company for compensation of the damaged caused by improper handling and towing. If the towing company refuses to pay, they can take further legal action against the towing company.

Emergency towing is usually done in cases of problems associated with the vehicle. This is completely in between the driver and the towing company and the police aren’t involved. Getting a vehicle towed is expensive as the driver needs to pay a lot of money based on the type of vehicle being towed.

Non-emergency towing involves moving the vehicle to the impounding lot by traffic officers or the Towing Company working in association with the traffic. The driver has to pay a fine to the traffic officers in order to get their vehicle back. Illegal parking is a major reason for such a towing, but there are also chances of foul play and the driver needs to be aware of his rights as the owner of the vehicle.

Towing companies need to make sure that the car is handled properly and no damage is done to the vehicle. Towing companies also need to be legally registered in order to tow a vehicle.

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