Top Five Tips for Business Database Cleansing

Business Database Cleansing

There is no denying that data cleansing is an integral part of every business. All business owners take their time to invest in data cleaning on a regular basis because it not only helps to streamline the entire process of the business but it makes it easier for employees to focus on work and derive higher results out of the effort that they put in on a daily basis.

Data cleansing is vital for every business and if you have been planning on cleaning data regularly then it is important to you to focus on tips that will help you clean your data in an effective way so that it can prove to be beneficial for your business. If you are looking for some effective tips on what needs to be done in order to clean your data in the right way then here are a few tips that will definitely prove to be effective.

#1 – Begin From Scratch

The efforts that you put into data cleansing should be done from the very minute that you start accumulating the data. The reason you should do this sooner is because it manages your data in a more effective way and you won’t have to struggle with a large file of data that has been sitting in your system for a long time. The smaller the files, the easier it is to sort out and the better the results that you will gain out of it. It makes a lot of sense for you to sort out data in small batches rather than focus on a large file that will end up with only a few results. If you do have a large file sitting on your system and you want to clean the data it would be better for you to make small files of it rather than taking the entire chunk in one go.

#2 – Calculate The Cost

Data cleansing does require a certain amount of money as well as time that needs to be invested. While these are very large figures, it is better for you to calculate the amount of money and time that you would invest in cleaning the data rather than just spending a certain amount of money for data that holds no value. Based on a recent research, about 30% off the data accumulated in a business is out of date within one year of accumulation. This means that the older the data the less likely it is for you to get better results out of it. If you have data that is over 5 years old sitting on your system, you may not want to run a cleansing on those data files because you may end up with very few records and the amount of money spent to clean the data would be quite a lot.

That is a calculated decision that you need to make and if you truly believe that the data you own is still active then you can always try out a small batch to see if you are getting the desired results or not. The best way to clean data is to clean it as soon as it is collected because this is fresh and the chances of getting a higher response is always more likely.

#3 – Ignore Contacts You Already Contacted

Most businesses maintain a list of people that they were in touch with and whether those people had no response or were slightly interested in the business. Some businesses hold on to that data. This is the kind of data they pass onto the interns and try to get in touch with these people over and over again. This is the worst way to promote your business because more people get frustrated and even if someone is interested in your business, only because you have called them so many times they would choose to ignore your services. If somebody is not interested in your business the first time, do not contact them unless they show interest in your business again.

#4 – Clean Data Soon

It is very important that you get your data cleaned as soon as possible because this will help you to get more active records and it will ensure that the data is put to better use. The sooner you clean the data, the higher the possibility of the leads and the more effective the data will be. One of the best ways to get the highest amount of leads from a data that you have recently accumulated through a marketing effort is to send it out for cleaning as soon as it is accumulated or when the marketing campaign is complete.

#5 – Ping Mail

This is one of the best ways to check whether or not the email addresses that you have accumulated are active or not. Draft a small email that you can send out as a promotion or even a test mail just to see whether or not the email address that you possess is valid or not. The list that fails to go through is the list that you can remove without sending it for cleansing. And the remaining list that you own can always be sent to be sorted out and filtered. The best part about emails is that you don’t spend too much money to get it done and it’s a very small test and will help you to get better results and that too without spending on data cleansing.

You need to remember that data cleansing is a very vast process and simply bringing data in as a huge file and expecting to get great results out of it is one of the biggest mistakes that business owners make. Like every process in your organization, data cleansing also needs to follow a certain process and strategic steps in order for you to get the best out of the process.

While data cleansing can help you increase your revenue, it is also important for you to minimize the expense that you spend on data cleansing itself because some data that your business will own will be of no value irrespective of what you do and determining whether or not you should send this data for data cleansing is something that you should decide.

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