Top 8 Must-Try Foods While You Are in Mexico

Top 8 Must-Try Foods While You Are in Mexico

While you are traveling to a foreign land, you should know about the culture and tradition of that country. And that you can know the best once you live the local life and have the local cuisine of that place. Foods reveal many things about a country. If you are traveling Mexico, you should be ready to have spicy foods that contain different types of chilies. This proves Mexico is a country which produces different types of chilies in the country. So, if it is Mexico you are going next, you can book beachfront homes in Mexico to enjoy the utmost beauty of the country while tasting the amazing cuisine over there.

For a long time, this country has been one of the popular destinations around the world for the sun seekers and the food lovers. Actually, the food of Mexico is influenced by the geographical location of the country. As it is located on the coastline of the Pacific Ocean, the coastal food will be different than the mainland cuisine. Also, due to the presence of lots of inhabitants, Mexico has a mixed food culture. If you want to enjoy your trip and make it memorable for a lifetime, you should give your taste buds a Mexican twist. Today, you will get to know about the must-have foods while you are in Mexico.

  1. Chilaquiles

How about starting your day at Mexico with a bowl of healthy breakfast? There is nothing better than Chilaquiles. It is one of the most popular breakfast cuisines that are eaten by many of the locals and tourists likewise. It is basically tortillas, cut into quarters and served with red or green salsa. If you want to add more spice to your food, you can choose red salsa. Apart from that, there will be scrambl+ed eggs, pulled chicken, cheese, and cream. If you prefer, your bowl of chilaquiles can be served with frijoles or refried beans. That will add an additional healthy dose to start your day.

  1. Pambazo

Basically, pambazo is the special white bread that is available in Mexico. But, the sandwich made with this bread is also known as pambazo. While taking a stroll around the city, you may get tired. Grabbing a pambazo and exploring the city is really happening. This sandwich is stuffed with shredded pork or beef, fried beans, fried potatoes, lettuce and a sprinkling of cheese. Finally, it is dipped in red guajillo chile sauce. You may have had lots of sandwiches, but this one is definitely different than anything.

  1. Pozole

While you have this soup, you can remember that you are having something from the pre-Hispanic period. Actually, according to the anthropologists, this soup was used in the sacrificial rituals of that era. But, now, the modern version of pozole will really woo you. Usually, pozole is available in three variants- chicken, veg and pork pozole. This dish is made of hominy corn, lots of herbs and obviously with many spices. It is stewed for hours, even overnight. Once it is ready to serve, lettuce, onions, lime, radish, and chili are sprinkled from the top.

  1. Manchego Cheese Molcajete with Tomatilla Sauce

Having food is not only about the preparation but also for the utensils in which the food is served. Once you are in Mexico, this special food will be served in a molcajete, a stone bowl, used in Mexico. It is a kind of mortar and pestle and a traditional way of serving food. Manchego cheese sticks are dipped in sour tomatillo sauce and served to the tourists. Serving in this bowl will keep your food warm for long so that you enjoy the true taste of the dish.

  1. Tacos al Pastor

This is another historic dish of Mexico that is popular among the locals and the tourists till date. Basically, this dish arrived in Mexico around in 1920 or 30s with the Syrian and Lebanese immigrants. Here, thin pork strips are placed on corn tortillas and served with chopped coriander, onions, and pineapples. You must have had different types of tacos in many places around the world, but this one is absolutely different than those.

  1. Flautas

This is the dish that you may find in several Mexican restaurants, outside Mexico. This is a rolled-up tortilla that is stuffed with chicken or beef or sometimes only with cheese. Then, the tortilla rolls are deep-fried to make them super crispy. It is served with queso fresco and shredded lettuce. This dish is really yummy. Once you bite, the crispy outside will give you munch while the tasty filling will give a unique taste.

  1. Tostadas

You can call tortilla the staple food of Mexico. There are lots of dishes that can be prepared with tortillas. Tostadas are one of those. While the corn tortillas are deep-fried in boiling oil, you get tostadas. You can use anything as a filling. It tastes best with avocado salad. Otherwise, stuff it with frijoles, cooked meat, cheese, ceviche, and seafood.

  1. Tlacoyo

These are a quite new addition to Mexican cuisine. Here, thick tortillas are used to prepare this preparation. They are shaped like a taco and filled with cheese, ground beans, pork, and beef. You can order any types of toppings to make your tlacoyo even more interesting.

These are only a few delicacies you can have in Mexico. There are more. How can you forget about fried ice-cream in Mexico as it is the specialty of the cuisine! Make your trip even more exciting with such foods.

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