Top 5 Amazing Features of Mahindra Bolero Pickup


The Mahindra and Mahindra company launched the Mahindra Bolero Pickup truck which has earned quite a name in the commercial vehicle sector in india. It has seen a rapid growth in terms of sustaining the needs of many businesses existing in the urban and semi urban areas. This truck is the best choice for transporting goods of different sizes from one place to another. The price of this truck starts from Rs. 6.9 lakh to Rs. 7.19 lakh. The Mahindra trucks price list can be found on the Mahindra website, as well as various other websites that keep detailed information about such genres.

When it comes for the top five amazing features of the Mahindra Bolero Pickup, the first that allures every buyer is its engine design. The engine specifications has a strong structure that suits everyone’s interest. The engine type of the Mahindra Bolero Pickup truck is in-line engine. It has 2523 cc engine displacement and runs on maximum power output of 63 bhp @ 3200 rpm. The maximum torque of the truck is 200 Nm @ 1400-2200 rpm. The truck has 4 cylinders with 0 valves per cylinder. The engine is a turbocharged engine with a direct injection fuel supply system. The gearbox is five speed and the drivetrain is 2WD. The truck has a single plate dry clutch.

The next impressive feature of the Mahindra Bolero is the truck’s fuel system and performance. The Mahindra Bolero Pickup mileage is a great one and it is 13.6 kmpl. The fuel type is diesel and the fuel tank capacity is 60 litres. The topmost speed of the truck is 117 km/hr.

The suspension, steering and brakes of the Mahindra Bolero Pickup is the next impressive feature. It has a manual steering type. The front brake is disc and the rear brake is drum. Also, the front and the rear suspension are both rigid leaf spring suspension. The turning radius of the truck is 5.9 meters.

The Mahindra Bolero Pickup is also famous for its spacious design so it can carry goods of whatever size comfortably. The length of the truck is 5215 mm, the width of the truck is 1700 mm and the height of the truck is 1865 mm. The ground clearance that the Mahindra Bolero Pickup makes is of 175 mm with a wheelbase of 3260 mm. The kerb weight of the truck is 1725 kg and the gross vehicle weight is 3225 kg.

The last interesting feature that allures the buyers of the Mahindra Bolero Pickup truck are the headlamp beam adjuster, power outlets of 12 V, upholstery made of vinyl, halogen lights and low fuel warning. These few add ons are extremely user friendly and make one feel at extreme ease while operating this vehicle.

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