Top 10 Sales Call Best Practices to Achieve More Conversions


Around all the cold calls that anyone makes, only 1% of the cold calls yield some results. According to a recent report, Wednesday and Thursday are considered the best days to conduct calls. Since cold calling is an essential part of sales, you shouldn’t do it without following any proper plan or guidelines. Without following any guidelines, it can lead to miscommunication and misunderstanding between the customers and the company.

And there’s already a lot of pressure for the sales rep to talk with the potential clients and close the deal. Often, the pressure can be overwhelming and hard to handle when talking with a prospect for the first time. However, this can be overcome easily while following some tips and strategies to make sure you achieve more conversions. 

Before jumping on-call, research and rehearse thoroughly:

It’s important to do your homework and know and understand your customer base before jumping on a call. Researching before will help you know your target audience, needs, interests, and problems. This will help you to take the first step towards building a strong bond with your customers. Along with researching, you can also prepare a script for your call. You can make a list of some questions that the customers want you to answer to solve their queries beforehand. 

Clarify your goals

Just doing cold calls will not lead you to your desired goals. Overall, cold calling will lead you to one step closer to sealing a deal while providing an opportunity to pitch your business to your potential client. Hence, it’s important to set yourself a clear, well-defined goal and see what value you can provide to your clients. It takes time to develop a relationship between you and your client but eventually, it will reap equal benefits to both parties. 

Come up with a good opening line

Consider your work, half has done when you have prepared a good opening line. A strong opening line sets the direction of the conversation and determines what impression it will have on your potential clients. You should always aim for the right impression on your introductory call in sales. That’s why it’s necessary to capture their attention from the beginning. 

Find out the best time to call

To determine the best time to call the prospect, note down the details of all your calls — how long the call lasts, at what date and time. Make a list of all the data points and analyze them. Then, you would be able to develop some strong data points that will help you make your next cold call a success. 

Prepare notes during the call

If possible, try to note down every little thing of your call. Whatever important thing your prospect said, prepare notes of what your client asked, what he said and deliver the same in the next call accordingly. You can prepare for your actual meeting through the noted down reference points, creating a solid relationship. 

Don’t push yourself too hard

It’s great that you have done your research, rehearsed your call, and prepared the notes. However, don’t try to emphasize your point too much, oversell and keep on with long conversations; sometimes it does harm more than good, so don’t push yourself too hard in sealing a deal. Take your time and let   prospects take their time. Emphasize your point, but don’t be too pushy. 

Make your prospects your priority

Usually, you might have started your calls with, “Hey, I’m from xx, and we do yyy.” Start your calls with, “hey, we have a proposal for you that will increase your conversations by xx.” As clients are not interested in what you do and where you are from. They are more curious to know why you have called them, and how you can provide benefits to them, and whether you can solve their problems. The more calls they make, the more they will be interested in hearing from you. 

Prompt your client to talk

Another aspect of a good sales call is to let your client do the talking. When you make them comfortable and encourage them to talk about their issues and what they need, there will be more chances of securing a deal with them. We know that it can be out of your comfort zone to let your clients talk, but it’s much better than speaking a transcribed script. You can start with asking your clients their goals, what they are looking for from this conversation and what problems they’re facing. 

Speak loudly and clearly

While talking on the phone with your client, try to speak in a clear tone. Don’t speak too slowly. Avoid unnecessary fillers like “um” and “like.” They can be common words in an informal talk, but during a business call, these are considered highly unprofessional. These words slow down your pace, and clients can quickly notice that you’re not confident. Hence, it’s advised to avoid them as much as you can. 

Make full of simple words

As much as it’s advised not to use filler words, it’s also recommended not to use fancy vocabulary or technical jargon. Clients already know that you’re an expert in your field; hence there’s no use to prove to them anything. Just be yourself, explain everything in clear and straightforward language, solve your clients’ problems, and it will be good to go. 

What are the next steps?

You’ve successfully spoken with your prospects, prepared all the notes, and now what you should do next. 

The next steps would be: 

To summarize the conversation: No matter how your call went, it’s always good to conclude your call with a quick summary. Through this, the clients know that you’re an attentive listener and prepare the prospects of what comes next.

After the conclusion: Let them know what will be the next steps of the buyer’s journey to be prepared for what to and what not to expect next. You can also offer a follow-up call or give them any valuable resources so that they can continue on their way. 

Ask them if they need anything else? Before ending the call, ask your clients if they have any questions that they want you to solve. If yes, then answer all their questions, so they feel happy with their experience. 

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