Tips to Choose the Proper Bike Rack for Your SUV

bike racks for suv

Spending the weekends by cycling together with family and friends is indeed a fun and interesting excursion. But it often turns into a problem when the cycling area you want is quite far from your house in which case there is no other choice except loading and transporting the bike using your car or SUV.

If the bike you have is a sort of folding bike, it is probably not a big deal to put it in the cabin. But if it is a full bike, additional accessories are needed to make sure that it is carried well. This additional accessory is namely the bike rack.

There are many types of bike racks based on the designs of the car themselves, but for this article we’ll be focusing on the SUV bike rack.

Here are the tips and tricks to help you chosoe. Check them out.

The Type of Bike Racks

There are basically two types of bike racks. The first is a kind of racks that are installed on the roof or it is known as the roof mounted bike race.

Meanwhile, the second is the rack installed behind the car or it is the rear mount bike racks. Of course, each of them is still divided into some other types based on the shapes and designs.

Some of them are the fork mounted racks, frame mounted racks, hitch racks, trunk racks, and truck bed racks.

So, which one of them that is more necessary for the SUV? Although SUV is considered as one of the most flexible cars to be installed by any kind of the bike rack, it seems that the hitch rack is the best one.

How does the hitch rack look like? Hitch rack is under the category of the rear mount bike racks. The bike can just be simply tethered on the rear of the car without too many installations of the gear. This type is indeed practical, and it adapts the SUV’s rear surface that tends to be flat.

Interestingly, the hitch rack also gives some options in term of the bike type. It is possible whether your bike is folding or swinging.

The Materials

In general, it is recommended to have a roof rack that is strong, sturdy, but also lightweight. It is clear enough why it must be strong and sturdy. In fact, it must be able to load and hold the stuff well and avoid it being shaken or even fallen.

But more than that, the rack must be lightweight also since it is placed on the car. Today’s car is indeed strong enough to lift any burden around it.

However, there is still a possibility that the car is being damaged if the capacity loaded is too much. To avoid this matter, the lightweight rack is more suggested.

Many roof racks including those for the bike are made from the steel. This material is indeed good and qualified. Unfortunately, there are still steels for the racks that are heavy enough.

If you have a plan to buy the rack in this near future, make sure to choose the lighter one. Meanwhile, there is also an alternative; it is the rack that is made from the aluminum. The benefit of using aluminum rack is that it is being more resistant and durable as well.

The Installment

If you don’t have enough experience to install the rack, ask someone else to do it for you. In fact, it is sometimes not easy and there is a possibility to make the car scratched. There must also be the distance between the bike and the car’s glass. It is important to avoid the car being broken during the trip.

The rack’s size itself should not be too big or too small for the car. Despite it makes both look imbalance, it makes the installment tends to be not tight. It is too risky for your bike since it can be fallen.

The Way You Drive Your SUV while Carrying the Bike

Although the entire bike has been attached well on your SUV, it doesn’t mean that you can drive carelessly. Choose the road that is smooth enough.

If it is possible, avoid also the highway since you still need to maintain the speed. Keeping the right distance with other vehicles is important to avoid any bumping.

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