Tips on How to Calm Your Hyper Dog Instantly

Tips on How to Calm Your Hyper Dog Instantly

Whether it is a Dachshund Dog or a Pomeranian, every dog is just like human beings. Just as you feel happy and sad and scared, your dog does too. And that is why it’s not advisable to take any unusual behaviour on the part of your dog casually.

Although there are many things that a dog might do unusually, not everything is as worthy of concern as your dog getting anxious or hyper is. After all, it’s not every day that you see your dog getting hyper. And if it has gotten hyper, it has to have some serious reason behind. Maybe your dog is sensing some threat or there is something that is making it feel intimidated, whatever it may be, but it is not something that your dog is enjoying.

People, who overlook such hyper behaviour of dogs, often fail to find a workable solution for such behaviour. And that is why it is extremely important for every dog owner to keep the behaviour of their pet under radar. Here are certain measures that you can take when you see your dog showing a hyperactive behaviour. Check out-

  • There are many reasons behind a dog’s hyperactive behaviour. Before trying to sort out the problem with a solution, you should try to analyse the problem, first. If your dog is anxious, it’s certainly not because of something pleasant. Ask yourself, what it could be that is causing your dog to feel scared and nervous. Maybe it’s a person that the dog is scared of. If it’s a person that your dog dislikes because maybe that person speaks in a loud voice, you should try to keep your dog away from him. If you happen to meet that person by chance, then the best thing to do would be to bid him adieu or backtrack. Such a thing might put the person in question in an embarrassing state. But you can always meet that person later alone to clear the air.
  • There are many occasions when you simply can’t figure out what is the reason behind your dog’s anxiety. Is it a person, some object or some feeling? In such a scenario, people leave their pet in the state it is. If you love your dog and you care for it, you simply can’t leave it barking and panting just because you don’t know the exact reason behind its hyperactivity. Then what should a person do in such a scenario? Well, the best thing to do in such a situation would be to give your dog a good cuddle. Dogs understand the language of affection very well. And when you love or cuddle your dog at a time when it is feeling nervous or anxious, it receives a kind of assurance from you that nothing bad is going to happen. This sense of assurance helps your dog come out of that trap of anxiousness.

However, it’s important to make sure you treat your dog the right way. Not every dog is going to like their owner’s hand slide down their back and not every dog is going to like to be held tight; some dogs just love a few tight pats on the back to feel great again. So, knowing what your dog likes is extremely important.

  • A lot of dogs get hyper when they hear the sound of thunder. Now, thundering is not something that you can’t control, nor can you make your house completely soundproof for your dog. So, does that mean there is no way to resolve this problem? Not at all! There are thunder jackets available in the market these days. These jackets are especially designed for pets like dogs. They offer a kind of pressure on to the body of the animal every time there is thundering. This pressure makes the dog feel as if its owner is holding it tight. Besides, the pressure soothes the nerves of a hyper dog.
  • If, however, it’s not thundering that your dog is afraid of and it only gets hyper when there is a firework outside, then it’s not a thunder jacket that is going to be useful for it. To reduce hyperactivity that has been caused by firework, you will have to follow tricks like switching on the TV on a high volume or playing some loud music. This will make the outside noise seem less disturbing to the dog. As a result of which the animal will feel a lot better. As an alternative, you can take your dog to your office, if it is sound proof. A lot of people make their office soundproof when they have it in the house itself, so that no noise from the house can disturb office work. Such an office space can be a great shelter to your dog when it is hyper excited because of fireworks outside the house.
  • A lot of studies have proved that a dog feels immediately relaxed when it listens to classical music. If you think this claim holds no water, you should do some research on your own. Music doesn’t just have a positive effect on animals, they also impact plants. There is no dearth of botanical nurseries in the world where different types of music are played to help plants grow in a healthy manner.
  • If your dog is hyper because of some animal that it has run into, then it would be wise of you to take your dog away from it. Generally, dogs, especially smaller breeds like Dachshund, don’t like the idea of encountering other animals on their way. And it’s not just other dogs that they dislike; they dislike almost all the animals you can think of. Unless and until the dog has grown up seeing some animal or interacting with it, it is going to feel afraid of it. But it is important to make your dog feel comfortable being around other animals. And this will happen only when you will expose it to other people and animals since an early age.

Now, that you know in how many different ways you can pacify your hyper dog, there is no reason why you should feel clueless as to what to do when you see your dog helplessly panting or barking due to anxiousness, fear or anger.


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