Throwback Heaven: Yamaha Unveils the SR400

Throwback Heaven

In the rarefied air of the bike universe, vintage and classic have special meanings. They refer to designs that are so iconic and so exceptional that they demand respect. The Yamaha SR400 retains the confidence of an earlier era with a classic look that instantly pleases. A nearly exact replica of the 1978 SR500, the Yamaha SR400 features a 399cc, kickstart-only version that oozes authenticity. A few tweaks of the original design, such as upgraded emission standards and fuel injection, bring it into the modern era. All of the classic engineering, though, is retained, ramping up the nostalgic appeal of this classic.

Customize Your Ride With Motorcycle Aftermarket Parts

No matter how perfect your ride is, it’s always enticing to personalize your bike with Yamaha motorcycle parts. Quality upgrades allow you to retain what you love about your bike, and improve on it where you can. To build a better bike, consider making changes in the following areas:

 Customized handlebars
 Personalized mirrors and lights
 Tailored luggage and packs
 Adapted exhausts
 Modified fairings and fenders

It’s up to you whether you go for the classic look or seek to modernize your ride. You are different than other riders, so it makes sense to get the bike you want. With OEM Yamaha parts you don’t need to scrimp on quality with components especially designed for your bike.

Get the Bike You Love

Life is short and the road is long, so get out there with the perfect bike for you. Performance is important, and so is the visual appeal of your bike, as well as the feeling you get when you are cruising over your handlebars. The Yamaha SR 400 has looks and style to burn.

Riding the perfect bike for your personality is never out of style. Shop online for bike parts and create a bike that is a classic in your mind.

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