Things to Evaluate When Joining Muay Thai Training

Things to Evaluate When Joining Muay Thai Training

Muay Thai is a traditional martial art from Thailand innovated in the 18th century. Most people refer to Muay Thai as kickboxing or Thai boxing, but this sport involves more than kickboxing features. Muay Thai is known as the art of eight limbs since it features kicks, punching, and punching. This sport has spread worldwide, and you shouldn’t lack a gym that offers the service wherever you reside. During your first attempt to join the training class, you are required to know some things. Below is a list of some things you should evaluate when enrolling for the training.


When you know you have Muay Thai training in San Diego at a particular time, ensure you are in the gym on time. It’s not wise to arrive on time when you can check in a few minutes earlier. You always get time to change into the right fit and do some base exercises to stretch your muscles before the session begins. Early arrivals can strengthen the relationship between you and the instructor, and you can express concerns confidently without rushing. Also, arriving late is a sign of disrespect to your classmates in the training class, as you may be wasting their time when they have fixed schedules to follow.


You may wonder what gym clothes you should wear for Muay Thai training. When joining such a class, you should remember that sweating will be a part of your routine. You can choose gym-style clothes that can handle sweat. Remember to carry several towels for wiping up the sweat and extra clothes to wear after the training session is over. Avoid wearing leggings that lack sweat-wicking material for comfortability. You can find jogging shoes, although most martial arts don’t require you to have shoes on while in the ring.


It’s recommended that you hydrate and carry a lot of water since the activities involved will make you sweat. Your body absorbs more water when the metabolism is high. Thus, you should carry a bottle of hot or cold water. The last thing you wish is to get out of training to get some water and miss out on essential techniques from the coach. Also, avoid overeating before training, since it can impact your sessions. If you take too much, there are exercises in the gym that can lead to undesirable circumstances like throwing up. Eat a banana half an hour before training to get the energy you need.

Boost Your Cardio

Muay Thai involves high cardiovascular fitness levels, especially when you are in sessions for several hours a day. Therefore, you should begin your day with an incredible level of cardio. You can go jogging in the morning thrice a week and ensure you stick to the schedule. Most Muay Thai camps in the earlier centuries began their day with morning runs, so it will be fantastic to stick to their habit for you to be active when the training begins.

All the exercises may feel challenging as a beginner, but with consistency, nothing can be complicated for you to handle. With mixed martial arts becoming popular, it’s wise for you to equip yourself with some skills. If, someday, you need self-defense from attacks, you will do great.

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