The Idiosyncrasies of Transactional Bulk Messaging

The Idiosyncrasies of Transactional Bulk Messaging

The arena of marketing has expanded its wings to cover within its gambit the many facets of business to consumer communication tools. With the advancement in time and technology, enterprises, institutions and businesses have come up with new and unique ways to promote their service and communicate essential information. This has resulted in the substantial rise of mass messaging or bulk messaging. Enterprises and institutions make use of two types of messaging, namely promotional bulk sms gateway and transactional bulk sms gateway.

Promotional bulk SMS gateway is used by businesses to facilitate a one to one user interaction with the consumers in order to promote their goods and services. These are mostly put to use for satiating the major objectives of sales and marketing of a company or business. Such SMS are not delivered to DND (Do Not Disturb numbers). Transactional bulk SMS gateway is employed by institutions and enterprises in order to convey certain personal and essential information. Such messages are utilised by institutions such as banks, railway, airlines and travel companies. These messages deal with OTP and other passwords, the invoice, the account balance, the travel details, important notifications and alerts which are intimate to the consumer. Messages of such nature can be delivered to both DND and non-DND numbers after the completion certain legal formalities. The major difference between promotional bulk messaging and transactional bulk messaging lies in the clientele. Transactional bulk messaging aims at registered clients only while promotional bulk messaging targets audience in order to promote its goods and services.

The onslaught of transactional bulk messaging has simplified the communication process for the enterprises and institutions in many ways.

Direct connectivity: The message directly drops in at the message box of the client, thereby furnishing important communications at the earliest.

Unique Alphanumeric Sender ID: This unique alphanumeric sender ID assigned to the respective enterprises and institutions makes it easier for the clients to identify with the subject matter of the message.

Robust Framework: Strong technological platform with inbuilt potential mechanism provides a safe and secure server with lightening fast deliver options for the transfer of messages.

No Time Restrictions: These sort of messages are facilitated with 24 hours delivery with any time restrictions. Due to their informational nature, they can be delivered at any point of time without any repercussions.

With the passage of time, we are heading towards a technology proficient era, which is well-equipped with new advancements. The global outreach of such technological advancements in the field of marketing cannot be questioned. All the major enterprises and institutions in the various countries are warming up to the new developments. India, in this context isn’t far behind either. Banks like ICICI, travel companies like makemytrip and others make use of transactional bulk messaging in order to alert or notify their clients regarding important developments or changes. Therefore, it isn’t an uphill task to find a transactional sms gateway provider in india. Many companies provide specialised services in this regards, thereby simplifying the entire process. Thus, analysing the current state of affairs regarding the dependency of enterprises and institutions on this service, it can be concluded that the demand for this service in the near future would barely cease to exist. The myriad benefits that are extracted out of its minute idiosyncrasies would always facilitate a smooth business to consumer communication.  

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