The Errors For Your Gifting Process: Dos and Donts

Your Gifting Process

Offering a gift to loved ones is part of the Christmas ritual. Not easy, however, to always find the right idea. Follow our tips to avoid missteps during the holidays, and to make you happy.

Errors to avoid when choosing gifts

You may be scrambling to finish your last shopping before Christmas. If you’re still looking for the perfect gift, you can stop flipping through the catalogues. Instead, follow these tips to avoid mistakes and put the odds on your side to find the perfect gift.

Error: focus on the price                                   

You may think that the Corporate Gifts bought on sale, or used, is not worthy of being offered and correctly representing your feelings for a person. Think again. A study quoted by Time and published by the Journal of Experimental Social Psychology proves that it is the article itself, and not the price, that is most important. A costly gift will not be appreciated more than a carefully chosen gift. There is no correlation between price and beneficiary satisfaction.

Error: hide a lousy gift

If you know that your last-minute gift might be a little disappointing, do not try to make things better by making a nice package. Researchers at Yale University in the US say this technique may be counterproductive. When a person receives a gift that pleases him, a cute packaging can bring a little more significant. But when the gift is less satisfactory, a beautiful packaging makes the experience even more disappointing, because the expectations do not correspond to reality.

Error: the short term

You may be afraid that everyday items, such as cooking utensils or necessary clothing, are not appreciated gifts. But according to a study published by Current Directions in Psychological Science, people who receive a gift prefer to enjoy it for months or years, rather than a short-term gift.

Error: do not share

A series of studies have revealed that, as common sense suggests, every person likes to receive gifts that reflect their interests and hobbies. It is interesting to note, however, that the researchers also found a greater sense of closeness when the gift also reflects the donor’s passions. Offering a book we loved, or a shared memory of a moment together can have a substantial impact. Be it the Custom Bluetooth Speaker or anything else; the options are there now.

Error: the surprise

According to specialists, people who offer a gift tend to overestimate the impact of the shock. However, receiving a gift we asked would be more appreciated than unsolicited gifts. Simplify your life and follow the wish list for Santa Claus.

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