The 3 Best Waterproof Phones That You Should Purchase This Year


Have you ever worried about spilling your drink on your phone? Sometimes a light spill can be detrimental to your mobile device. Well, it is 2020, and brilliant minds have been able to work through that problem. There are a lot of waterproof phones in the market. Even famous and big brands have waterproof mobile phones.

There is a high chance that your next mobile phone will be your next companion. Your mobile phone is the best all-around tool that you can use for almost anything in your life. You can message, access social media, access the Internet, and more. It also does not hurt when you know that your all-around tool is invincible against water or any liquid.

It all comes down to the specs of the waterproof phone you are going to choose. You should also take into consideration the feature that you value most. Are you looking for a waterproof with the best specs? Worry no more. We are going to name you some of the best waterproof phones that you can buy in 2020.

Samsung S20 Series

If I am not mistaken, Samsung was the first one to feature waterproof phones. The brilliant minds from Samsung have been using water-resistant features from the Galaxy S5. Currently, there are a lot of phones with a water-resistant feature. The Samsung S20 Series is not a bad place to start when we are talking about the best waterproof phones.

The Galaxy S20 Series offers IP68 water and dust resistance. You can submerge any model from the Galaxy S20 Series in a tub of water or even a pool, and it would still work perfectly fine. But waterproof is not the only feature that the Galaxy S20 Series boasts. You can find that the models from the Galaxy S20 have a lot to offer in specs.

The Galaxy S20 Series features an Exynos 900 or Snapdragon 865 as its processor. Expect a highly capable 16GB of Ram in this mobile device. You are also getting a screen that has a 120Hz refresh rate on a QHD+ quality. For a mobile phone, the tech here is quite impressive.

iPhone 11 Pro Max

Apple comes out with another tech marvel with the iPhone 11 Pro Max. If you want a mobile phone that has unparalleled water resistance, then look for the iPhone 11 Pro Max. This phone features the same IP68 rating so you can drop your phone in a pool, and it would still work fine. You could have a maximum of 13 feet of water resistance on the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

It does not hurt that Apple made a few tweaks and improvements on the iPhone 11 Pro and 11 Pro Max. These fantastic pieces of technology can withstand four meters underwater for over 30 minutes. You would assure yourself that you are going to get maximum waterproof protection for the $900 starting price.

In terms of specs, Apple continues its domination in the CPU speed benchmarks. The people from Apple made sure that they added a new triple-lens camera with a stunning Night Mode to go with the ultra-fast CPU. Expect a highly reliable battery life along with a beautiful OLED display with the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

iPhone SE 2020

Now, you do not have to worry if you are leaning into a specific budget. You would still be able to get a waterproof phone with decent specs. At a $399 starting price, you would get a highly capable phone that is also water-resistant.

Sure, the iPhone SE is not on the same level as the iPhone 11 Pro Max. The difference in price range is a visible sign that the $900 model is going to have a few edges over the $399 phone. The SE is also IP-rated with an IP-68 rating. This phone can withstand water depths of one meter for over 30 minutes.

The iPhone SE features a repurposed iPhone 8 design. It also packs the same ultra-fast A13 Bionic CPU from the iPhone 8. You would get a satisfying iOs experience at a $399 starting point. If you are looking for the cheapest iOs phone this 2020, search around Apple retailers for the iPhone SE to meet your standards.


You can opt for expensive top-of-the-line mobile phones for the best water-resistant features. These phones also feature the best specs and new tech to go with the costly price tag. Rest assured that you will get the latest advancements and improvements that will improve your mobile phone experience.

If you are not open to spending a considerable amount of money on a phone, you can opt to look around the cheaper market. You can find phones like the SE that are perfect for budget purchases. Some of the phones in this market also feature decent water-resistant features. You will see that the tech in these phones has the best price to performance ratio out there.

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