Splendid Mehandi Designs That Compliments Bridal Wear

Splendid Mehandi Designs That Compliments Bridal Wear

The festivals and Mehandi run parallel in India. Any festival or big occasion in India is incomplete for women without having beautiful Mehandi designs on their hands,  be it wedding function, Mehandi ceremony, Holi, Diwali etc. Producing beautiful Mehandi on hand at auspicious occasions is an age-old tradition that both brides and grooms follow. Here, we are going to talk about only brides.

A Mehandi design that resonates with the bride’s wear plays a huge role in sprucing the overall appearance of the bride. But you have to be extremely cautious while selecting the Mehandi design. If the Mehandi designs don’t go well with the bridal wear, it can ruin your whole look. We have compiled some of the most captivating Simple Mehndi Designs that compliment any bridal wear.

  1. The Raja & Rani Mehandi Design

This Mehndi design is one of the most sought-after Mughal style mehndi designs. The striking part of this Mehandi design is, on one hand, a woman image is drawn, while on the other hand, a man image is drawn which exemplifies the bride and the groom. It is one of those rare Mehandi design that goes well with the majority of the bridal wear.

  1. The Floral Patterns

We have yet to find out a bride who doesn’t like the floral pattern Mehandi designs. If we have to define floral Mehndi designs in three words, that would be: classic, evergreen, and ethereal. The beautiful floral patterns render a gorgeous appearance to the hands as well as spruce up overall makeover.

  1. Ornamental Mehandi Designs

The stunning and adorable curvy motifs of ornamental Mehandi designs give the bride hands and overall appearance an everlasting charm. What makes the ornamental Mehendi designs intriguing is the delicate yet swoon-worthy patterns that beautify the bride’s appearance.

  1. Arabic Mehandi Designs

If you want something simple and classy that compliments any bridal wear, Arabic Mehndi designs are just for you. Arabic Mehandi designs encompass some of the most simple as well as intricate patterns which give a classy bridal look.

These are some of the simple Mehandi designs that complement with almost all the bridal wears. But Wait! We are not done yet. We have something more for you in our kitty. Right after and during applying Mehandi on hands, it is equally important to preserve it from getting spoiled.  Here are some effective and easy to follow tips that will help you to protect the Mehandi applied on your hands.

  1. Don’t fling your hands up and down just to dry the Mehandi quickly. Chances are that it might spread on the whole hand and ruin your beautiful Mehandi design completely.
  2. Avoid drinking water during and for some time after the Mehandi application. You don’t want to spill the water on Mehandi design or take the multiple trips to the bathroom, do you?
  3. Don’t ever think of drying the recently produced Mehandi by using the hair-dryer. It will ruin the Mehandi design beyond any repair.

When it comes to producing a spectacular Mehandi design, only a proficient and well-experienced Mehandi artist can produce the drool-worthy Mehandi designs that compliment bridal wear. Want to book the top Mehandi artists at an affordable price and without wasting any time? Visit, a distinguished online wedding market where you can hire the top-notch Mehedi artists within your city without breaking a sweat.

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