Spanner: A Necessity In The Modern World


The rapid development in construction as well as technological advantages, have created a cause of a hindrance for the manual labour work as well as the technical aspects. Tools are a necessity and of utmost importance in the day to day life as well in the hazardous task of various sectors.

Since the inception of time, tools have been an essential requirement for the development. Be it an early age or a bronze age; it is due to the help of tools only the progress has been accomplished.

The evolution of tools

Tools have only evolved over the time in terms of the material it is being crafted with and the uses. Copper and tin alloys were replaced with a stone which gave better durability which in turn was replaced with iron, and it became even stronger and durable.

A spanner or a wrench is useful in providing better grip and mechanical advantage over ordinary tools. It is essential in turning nuts and bolts as well as to keep them from shifting.  A spanner is a wrench which has which is equipped with a series of tabs and pins around the circumference.

The best quality of spanners is created from good quality of steel alloy which offers excellent strength. It has a broad use for the industrial purpose as it provides high bolting torques.  There are various types of wrench available such as Gear wrench, Y type wrench, T type wrench, 1/2” and 1/4’’ Drive socket Range, round set hatchet handle and plenty more.

In this new age of modern construction and the development of modern architectural marvel, efficiency is a necessity and the time wasted on the simple tasks of nut and bolt is ineffective.  Hence Wrench is beneficial in the mechanical movements of the construction.

There are various spanner suppliers, and few of them even sell their products online.

Over the last decade, India has seen tremendous growth in the sector of construction and architecture as plenty of high rise towers for residential as well as commercial areas have been in much demand. Every constructor would prefer the work to be completed on time or if possible, before the deadline. It is helpful for the workers if the right set of tools and wrench are available for their use as it would ensure better efficiency and less labour for them.  Due to the growth in the construction sector, there has been in direct increase in the industry of mechanical tools as there are various spanner set manufacturers in India as a result of the inflation.

Advantages of spanner

  • It ensures less effort for the users for mechanical tool jobs such as a bolt, screw and nut loading and unloading.
  • Long service life and they are very durable.
  • High stability and High torque accuracy.

The wrench is used in large scale in various sectors of industry such as home improvement, automotive, property constructions, repair work, as well as processing industries.

As a result of which there are various spanners/wrench manufacturers in the market which offers multiple sets of spanners as per the requirement of the clients.

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