Simple Guide To Shop For Makeup Online This 2019

Simple Guide To Shop For Makeup Online This 2019

Shopping for makeup is not that easy, especially if you are doing it online. A lot of people think that it’s a little daunting to pick products through the internet, especially because you are not able to do sample swatches to make sure that they are the right shade or color for you. But makeup artists believe that once you know the basics when you purchase beauty products online in Malaysia, it’s not that scary.

If you do not know where to start, then this article is definitely for you. First timers are more at ease to venture into the online shopping world if they have a guide, even as simple as this one. So check out these tips to make sure that you are buying what is worth every penny you spend and your online shopping is a success!

Skin Tone And Skin Type         

You need to be able to classify your skin tone. Whether you are fair, light, medium, or dark. You also need to know your undertones as well as your skin type. If you are buying makeup online or from a physical store, these are the things that you need to take note of. Knowing your skin tone and type will be able to help you distinguish the shade, finish, and the texture of makeup that you would want to buy. Achieving a flawless makeup starts by using the right products depending on your complexion.

Determine The ‘Finish’ To Achieve

Always remember that when buying makeup, choose the one that you need and not the one that you want. For example, the foundation formula that you like which your friend uses might not be the best formula for you. Determine which finish and product would work for you to avoid breakouts, irritation, or dryness which can be caused by wrong product choices.

What’s Your Shade?

Before you buy makeup online, and once you already figured out your skin tone and undertone, this is when you can start shopping for your shade and what complements your natural color. If you have fair skin, look for cooler tones like lavenders and soft pink. When you have medium to olive skin tone, you can use jewel tones or emerald greens. Metallics like bronze or gold would also work for you. If you happen to have darker skin tones, warmer makeup shades would be your perfect choice.

Online Research And Fine Prints!

When shopping online, there are hundreds, maybe thousands of online makeup stores for you to choose from selling different products from a huge collection of brands. So before you start spending your hard-earned money, do your research. It pays if you take your time reading reviews and forums about the brand and/or the products. This is where you can find honest and unbiased opinions from women and makeup artists who have also tried these products.

Fine prints should not be taken lightly. They are there for a reason. We all know that nobody wants to be stuck with a product that does not work for them. Make sure that when you purchase makeup online, the site should have a return policy and a money-back guarantee. They are the ones who are more confident with their brand and the products that they sell. 

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