Retirement Party Invite Etiquette

Retirement Party Invite Etiquette
Retirement Party Invite Etiquette

Retirement parties are the best way to celebrate retirement. It’s a meaningful milestone in life that should be celebrated remarkably. In order to make it a memorable event, you need to plan things in advance and celebrate it properly. Like other events, there are some etiquettes to attend or host a retirement party, which we’re going to discuss in this post. But first, let’s have a look at the general retirement party Etiquettes. 

General Etiquettes Of Retirement Party 

Generally, retirement parties don’t have any special rules or etiquettes that differentiates it from other parties. The basic rules that are the same as of other parties, like sending retirement party invite to all the guests. Deciding a decent venue and providing food (which is not mandatory in a few parties). Here are some of the helpful tips that would help you while hosting or attending a retirement party. 

Retirement Party’s Host Etiquettes

The first thing that the party’s host should do is get the retirement party invitations in advance (2-3 weeks) before the retirement party is scheduled. If you’re not throwing a surprise retirement party, the basic etiquette is to ask the retiree directly who he or she wants to invite to the event. If it’s a surprise, you should take a safety measure and invite-only his/her closest friends and family members.

Things To Avoid

Never ask the guest to pay for their food and drinks like the ordinary parties as it’s totally against a retirement party’s etiquette. Have an extra space available for the seating as some extra guests might show up at the party, unlike the usual parties where fewer guests are likely to appear than the sent invites. Last but not least, the retirement party can be a normal one, but if you want to add some fun to the retiree’s life, pick an exciting theme to make this memorable for him/her and arrange the setup according to that.

Retirement Party’s Guest Etiquettes

The basic etiquette which the guests should keep in their mind is dressing up appropriately for the party. The dress depends totally on the event and the theme of the retirement party. If the party is being hosted at the backyard for just the close circle and family, then you should try informal attire. In case it’s being hosted at some club, you must dress up formally for it. In case the host mentioned any theme on the personalized party invites, you should respect it and try to arrange the dress according to the theme. It’s one way of appreciating the retiree and showing him/her your love and care.

Things To Avoid

You should avoid talking about any problem with the job or the company at the retirement party. The retiree has worked his life off, and maybe his farewell party is not a good time to discuss the problems. Keep the positive vibe flowing and talk more about the good time you had with the retiree and wish him/her the best of the future life. Appreciate the retiring person for all the hard work and dedication he has shown in his working period. 

It’s totally fine to have a few vodka shots at your best friend’s retirement party but avoid becoming inebriated. Try to have the best time without losing control of yourself. 

Retirement Party’s Etiquettes For Honored Retiree

As the honored guest, there is also some etiquette you should follow at your party. The first one is to dress up according to the theme. Go personally to each guest and greet them to appreciate them for being part of the event. Give a good ending speech about how you feel about your retirement, your time at work, and how do you feel about the people you’ve worked with. Accept the retirement gifts from the respected guest and show gratitude.

 Things To Avoid

As we mentioned earlier, having some good drinks is acceptable but don’t get drunk. Avoid talking about any grudges with your coworkers or the company you’ve worked because it’s the time to end things at a good note. Don’t forget to appreciate the hosts for all the efforts they put into the party.  

Corporate Party Retirement Etiquettes

Corporate retirement parties are a bit different than ordinary retirement parties. At the same time, the same general party’s etiquettes apply to this part. It usually involves all the employees and retiree family members. Basically, it’s more like a formal dinner. You need to dress up nicely in formal attire and must prepare a post-dinner retirement speech for the guest.

Things To Avoid:              

You should not pick a single person from the department in the corporate events. Instead, you must send the invitation to the whole department. Avoid bringing the relatives and non-corporate friends with you to the official event. It gives a horrible impression to the subordinates and the planners of the party. Don’t take kids to the party as it can get really hard to manage them during the formal event. While giving the retirement speech, avoid trash or negative talking as it’s considered unethical for the corporations.

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