Reasons Why School Admission is no more a Challenge for Parents

Reasons Why School Admission is no more a Challenge for Parents

Every parent wants the best for their child- whether it is education or something else. Our expectations are surely high, especially during admission season as parents and children alike are justifiably anxious to get into one of the top schools in India. Meeting deadlines, getting ready for interviews, preparing for aptitude tests, getting groomed for interviews, and, more, the admission season is quite hectic for applicants. However, post-Covid there has been a positive change in the admission process. Due to the extreme circumstances, schools were forced to strengthen their remote and online infrastructure making the admission process more seamless and transparent for parents. Top schools in India like Podar International School have made the admission process easy for every family by facilitating effective infrastructure and flexibility in its admission process. These are the reasons why school admission is no more a challenge for parents- 

Online Resources- Due to Covid, schools were forced to rethink the admission process. Instead of long lines and days of in-person interviews, schools have decided to permanently shift to the online mode. This is because it considers the busy lifestyles of working parents and the traffic of very busy cities. In an online mode, parents can comfortably choose a time that is convenient for them and can participate in the interviews without any delays. This way online interviews can weed out unnecessary delays and administrative bumps that are always related to in-person interviews. 

Seamless Application Process- Admissions are notoriously tiring! Standing in lines, especially in the Indian summers with your young kids, constantly going to the school to check up on their status- these were some of the problems that were a part of the traditional admission process. With the online admission process, these problems are addressed at the root. Parents and children can easily apply online, enter their information and email, and can easily track the status of their application. Information about the aptitude test, and interviews if any, are all available on the website. Top schools in India, like Podar International School, make the admission process super easy by just registering on their website with enough and more information on upcoming sessions, workshops, and doubt-clearing sessions! 

Ease of Access- Chain schools like Podar International School, are truly widening their network to spread quality education as widely as possible. The Podar Education Network which is almost a century old has now been spreading quality and modernized education for years. With ambitious plans and hopes to make quality education accessible, they are opening up schools in urban and semi-urban areas so that all children have access to quality education. Parents often wonder if living in the suburbs hinders their child’s ability to obtain admission into a good school. Podar International School is bringing state-of-the-art infrastructure, faculty, and exposure to your children, no matter where you reside! This is especially true for parents who have a traveling job, and re-admitting your children become a hassle. With the Podar Education Network spreading its wings, you can rest assured that wherever you go, you can always provide your child with a quality education! 

Transparency- Knowing how stressful admission processes are, there is one thing that precedes all the obstacles, and that is confusion. When will the list be out? How many vacancies are there? How many admission stages are there? Will there just be an interview? Is there an aptitude test? All these questions regularly come to our minds, and the top schools in India have become more transparent each year. The website of these schools has a dedicated FAQ section that parents can refer to whenever they are confused with some of the rules and processes. 

Podar International School is renowned as a visionary and rapidly growing education group in India that has been around for nearly a century and is famous for its modernized and well-rounded CBSE curriculum for students! Now that you know that your search for the best school for your child is over, head on to our website for more information about their enrolment process! 

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