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Rainierland Movies is a very well-known site for movie addictors. If you are a movie lover during your spare times then you must know about the ‘Rainierland’. Here you can watch movie free and it has huge numbers of contents of every category. Rainerland.is very popular among different category of people of the world due to its flexible features and easy accessibility.There are so many websites which needs proper log in process and have to pay a particular amount of money in a significant period of time, Rainerland is free to use. But in other hand Rainerland is violating copyright laws, this is the reason why ‘Rainerland’ is declared as illegal.

Rainerland is a very popular site while there are some questions that it is legal or not, is there any punishment while watching free movies in ‘Rainerland’.

Rainerland features – There are some awesome features, which made ‘Rainerland’ very popular free movies streaming site. Features are as follows –

  1. It is completely free.
  2. It contains a large nos of movies, drama, shows which makes it very popular.
  • All videos are HD quality.
  1. There is no interruption while watching any video because there is no ad for interruption any video.
  2. It has very simple interface while you are using it 1st
  3. It involves no downloads.
  • It updates in a regular basis, so that peoples can enjoy latest versions of movies, shows, games everytime.
  • No log in, sign up or payment details needed.
  1. It shows the total nos of movies it has in its home page.

 Legal issues with Rainerland – The owner of Rainerland “Rainer Tamayo”  was arrested in 2016 while running a pirated site. After that there is news that ‘Rainerland’ is not streaming any videos. But now peoples are wondering that the site is still running but it is running illegally.

It is a pirated site like torrentz, ‘Rainerland has no its own contents.

Future of Rainerland – Unfortunately it can be said that it is an illegal site and any time you are watching it means you are in the eyes of laws. Well, that’s true that these websites have millions of viewers from different areas of the world. Once the website is shut down by any agency, there are many chances that it will be operated by someone else and will continue its business in some other way.

Conclusion – Overall we can say that it is a illegal site whether it has a large nos of viewers. It has a appealing feature and attracts a large nos of peoples from every corner of the world. After all it is a free website and you can watch all your favourite TV shows and movies here that is absolutly free.

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