QuickBooks Error 15106: How To Fix QuickBooks Errors Instantly

QuickBooks Error 15106: How To Fix QuickBooks Errors Instantly

QuickBooks software has successfully created a buzz in the field of accounting particularly in the last few years. It is well-known for its incredible functions and features, but it can’t conceal the fact that QuickBooks software can be prone to certain glitches. One of these errors can be seen in the form of QuickBooks error 15106. It is normally observed when you are upgrading your QuickBooks software. This also means that the program that updates your payroll has been damaged. This is a technical issue in the payroll update and can cause more errors to pop up.

If you’ve experienced QuickBooks Payroll Error Code 15106, you must take all steps necessary to rectify the installer and eliminate any third-party programs. These 3rd-party apps cause damage to the installer-related file.

QuickBooks Error 15106: Possible Causes

You can encounter Quickbooks Update Error 15106 in your system due to the reasons mentioned below:

  • QuickBooks installation does not install all other components needed to update the application and pay the bill.
  • You already have the WebRoot antivirus on your system which detects QuickBooks installers as a risky security threat, and then blocks its activities on Windows.
  • If the user account you are using is not running on Windows administrator rights, then you could receive QuickBooks Update Error 15106
  • The Windows UAC settings are selected to high, which in turn affects QuickBooks update
  • Third-party antivirus and anti-malware software block the QuickBooks upgrade process.  

Solutions to Remove QuickBooks Error 15106

QuickBooks Update Error 15106 brings up more issues if not repaired on time. Hence, the solutions below will resolve it and prevent it from recurring. 

Solution 1: Ensure you’re Signed in as Administrator

  • Press “Windows+R “.
  • Now the Run box will pop up.
  • Write “Control” then click OK.
  • Hover to “User Accounts” and choose the same tab.
  • After reaching there, you will see your name there. If you’re logged in as Administrator, the system will show you as Administrator, next to your name.

If you are not logged/signed in as an Administrator:

  • Firstly, close QuickBooks.
  • Right-tap on the icon of “QuickBooks” (on the desktop) Now, choose “Run as Administrator”.
  • Finally, you’re now ready to work on QuickBooks, with complete administrative rights.

Solution 2: Disable UAC (User Account Control)

If the previous method to repair Quickbooks Update Error 15106 somehow was unsuccessful, then you may disable UAC using the steps below.

The steps to disable user account control in Windows 8, 8.1,10, and 7 are:

  • Push “Windows+Run”.
  • Then, write “Control Panel” there and choose “OK”.
  • Now choose “Users Accounts”.  
  • Tap on “Change UAC Settings”.

It’s important to remember that if you receive any type of prompt from UAC, then we recommend you select “Yes”.

  • Move the slider. In case you want to change the UAC to  OFF, tap on “Never Notify” then choose “OK”.
  •  Lastly, reboot the system, and continue your work.

Solution 3: Conducting Quickbooks Clean Installation in “Selective Startup Mode”

Step 1: Backup the Data

Firstly, start backing up your company files and the QB desktop.

Step 2: Use Selective Start Mode to Login

After backing up the files, switch the system to a selective mode, so that no program or any application stops you from finishing the task.

  • Push “Windows+Run”.
  • Then, write “Msconfig” there and choose “OK”.
  • Tap on “General”. 
  • Select “Selective Startup”. Thereafter, the system services will immediately begin.
  • Tick “Hide Microsoft Service” inside the tab “services”.
  • Then simply tap “Disable All”.  
  • Make sure you select “Windows Installer” via “Services List”.
  • Finally, restart your system.

This is the last yet most efficient way of resolving Quickbooks error 15106. This method also fixes Quickbooks Error ps077 with ease.

Last Words

You’ll encounter the error code 15106 every time you’re updating your system. This issue typically occurs because of no administrative rights, restrictive firewall settings in QB Updates.

But, we hope you got enough knowledge about this error code, and the steps above assisted you in resolving the QuickBooks Update Error 15106 permanently.

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