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Professional’s Q & A Checklist for Choosing A Domain Name

Professional’s Q & A Checklist for Choosing A Domain Name

To have a site on the Internet you need to have a domain name. Choosing an appropriate one is key in several ways, and it is important to ask some questions and take into account some aspects, before deciding. Whether you are a businessman, blogger or working in any field, it’s important to have Professional’s Q & A related to “what should be your business name and domain name?”

What is my business?

If your business sells pet supplies, try to include “pet items” or at least “pets” in your domain name.

This serves two purposes: on the one hand, it tells the person who reads it about twhat your business / site is about; on the other, it tells search engines that your site is treated and favors the possibilities of getting well positioned for that term and niche market.

If you want to make your business a brand then you need to pick a brandable name. Think of Google, Yahoo, Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, iPhone, Microsoft – they’re brandable names and that’s why they are brands too.

Initially, to build your business, you could start with the keyword domain such as and once you have good business with the then make it a brandable name such as (easy to read, pronounce, write and remember! – Think of a creative name).

A very few digital marketing agency follows these things very seriously and help their students, clients to make the website brandable.

How long should my domain name be?

The shorter, simpler and easier to remember, the better. Unfortunately, nowadays it is no longer easy or it is very expensive to find short names; so many times, we must concentrate on that at least be simple and easy to remember. Pronunciation of the domain also matters in case of choosing a domain name.

If anyone can’t pronounce it right, you will lose your visitors and ultimately, you will lose your business. Same is the case with writing. Your domain should be easily writable.

What extension for my domain should I use? .Com, .biz, .org, .net, .tv, .name, .ws, edu., .Info?

Nowadays there is a great variety of domain extensions. In theory these extensions were created to differentiate the nature of the different sites. In practice, this is not always true.

Anyway, I always recommend choosing a .com because it is what people remember most easily. However, there will be times when you want a domain name that is already taken in .com but available in say .net. If you decide on an extension other than .com, remember to clearly mark and point out in your marketing / branding the correct extension.

It should be mentioned that each country also has its extension – in the case of Mexico -. This indicates the origin of the site.

If you have a site or business that serves a particular country, it is worth thinking about choosing a domain name with the corresponding regional extension. For example: if you have a site / business only for Mexico, it is highly recommended that you use a domain. This will favor that your site appears in the pages of results of the search engines, when people do a search from Mexico or “only for Mexico”.

By the way, a curious fact: the .tv extension is not “television” is the regional extension of an island country in the Pacific called Tuvalu.

Some additional recommendations:

  • Avoid puns, sympathetic phrases and word combinations with numbers, unless they really help your purpose. Remember what I mentioned above: the shorter, simpler and easier to remember your domain name, the better.
  • If you are a large company (or work for one), probably what you want to do with your domain name is to support the branding of your brand. In this case, several of the considerations mentioned above do not apply. That is, if you are BMW, the domain name you need is

At the moment it is everything but we are still in contact.

Do you know if the domain is brandable or exact match having business perception, you can sell it anytime you want on few websites? I am sure, you’re not! You may learn more about Domain industry and got to know about few insane facts about FB, Relentless.  If you have any question, please feel free to comment in the section given below.

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