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Businesses are taking a dynamic approach for their future. They make sure that they use the tools and instruments that are absolutely effective, result oriented and professional. Since more and more businesses are getting much concerned about their growth and overall progress, they make it a point to use all the available instruments for their benefit. There is nothing wrong in that too.

Of course, change is the law of nature and you can make the most of everything only if you change with time.  The way organizations used to take tests has also changed significantly. More and more businesses do make sure their tasks get performed in the most effective and efficient manner. Today if they want to recruit some candidates who are not in the same city, they make sure doing it by different means. Right from their position or area; they evaluate the candidates.  They use online platforms to make sure that the other person appears in the test or interview and get selected on the basis of their performance and skills.

Moreover, have you ever heard about online proctoring? Proctoring tools are made up of algorithms and machine learning to snub cheating by automatically recognizing behavior that is related to cheating during the time of online assessments. Since everything gets checked in the most effective and professional manner, there remains no room for any type of cheating. If you are conducting a test to evaluate the employees who are in another place, there can be nothing better than proctoring tools.

Have you ever heard about Proctoring tools? Proctoring is a fresh thing that is on the lips of everybody these days.  One area that is getting significant is the proctoring concept.   Have you ever thought about opting for proctored test instead of hall exams or non-proctored tests online? The thing is that if you are conducting tests to examine the candidates for the job or promotion thing then you have to be careful about everything. You have to make sure that the candidates get examined in the most effective manner.  It is a concept that has a mechanism to ensure the genuineness of the test taker and prevent him/her from doing cheating.

Who is a proctor?

A proctor is a person who is trained and well qualified to undertake the authentication of the aspirant and candidate and prevent them from doing any kind of cheating.  The concept of online test has been there for years. The commonest form is of objective test and it is there to examine the aptitude and knowledge of the applicants. The point is to make sure that the candidates get examined in the most effective manner. Nobody would want to have the employees who are not professional or effective.

Now, to ensure that the things go impartial and transparent, there are individuals who are known as proctors. They keep an eye on the activity of the candidates taking the test. If they find any type of move or action that looks suspicious, they can immediately shun the candidate.  Sometimes the proctor visits the place where the candidate gives the test from. In this way, he makes sure that everything goes professional and effective. These proctors are professionally trained and qualified.

Mike and webcam

Tools like mike and web cams are absolutely helpful for the overall evaluation of the candidates. It is to make sure that the employees get evaluated in the most transparent manner. The cameras do capture the entire duration of the test and the mike get the sound of the candidates. In this way, every single inch of the interview and test gets examined.  Once the test or procedure of examination gets over, the recording of the paper gets evaluated quickly with the help of fast forward feature. In this way the professionals evaluate the test and if they find anything suspicious, they take an action accordingly.

What do individuals require to take test from a distant place?

If the individuals are going to take test from a distant place or remote area; they have to possess different things.  They should have the following things:

  • A right and suitable device like Desktop PC/ Tablet, mobile or tab.
  • A rope proper and effective Internet connection having minimum 256kbps speed.
  • A quality web cam and mike for audio and visual.
  • The best current browsers installed in the computer.

Once the candidates have these tools and instruments in hand, they can easily sit in the test in the most effective manner.  There would be no types of doubts and the process of evaluation would carry out in the most proficient way.

Live proctoring

A skilled and qualified proctor will monitor the audio-video and even the screen share of the candidates. They make sure that nothing goes unnoticed by them during the test. In this way, there remains no room for cheating or any sneaky deeds. In a typical way the service provider for proctoring is going to have individuals sitting in a distant location that have been declared fit and trained to ensure the genuineness of the aspirants and   exclude any form of cheating. A proctor can easily and effectively monitor up to sixteen to thirty two applicants at a time depending on the provider. The advantage of this model is that it eliminates the place constraint of proctoring. In this way, no matter where your candidates are or the person to be interviewed through the concept of proctoring, everything is possible that too in the top class manner.

Moreover if you have employed an automated proctoring, it is the most fresh and advanced kind of proctoring tool…  here too the audio, video and even the screen feeds of the candidates get noted during the time of test. But other than just recording, the system even screens the feeds for any kind of suspicious activity that too using advanced video and audio analytics.


So, there remains no problem in this present time to evaluate the candidates even if there is distance. Proctoring facilities have brought the needed change in the most effective manner.

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