Pregnancy Due Date: How an Online Calculator Can Help?

Pregnancy Due Date

As technology grew, we have grown as well. It has made it inevitable for us to make, use, and link everything online. So why pregnancy calculator, baby planning and contraction calculator stay behind? To match the demand therefore, there have a plethora of pregnancy due date calculator.

The pregnancy due date calculate works in a simple manner. One, who is expecting a child, has to put the first date of her last menstrual cycle, the date of conception, and duration of her period to get an estimated date of childbirth. Also, one should keep in mind that the online pregnancy due date calculator just gives and estimated date. It cannot do anything magical, until you have entered the data correctly; it is not possible for the calculator to show the date.

Also remember that every baby is different and comes with its own time to be complete from a foetus. Reports show that there are many cases across the globe where the date did not match with the actual date of giving birth. Only 1 out of 20 women give birth to their child on the estimated date. However, if correct data is given calculating pregnancy due date with the online calculator can show almost 90 percent correct date.

How to use a pregnancy due date calculator?

 With dozens of birth due date calculator available online, it is made easy for the parents- to- be, to prepare, save, and plan to welcome the baby home. However, the challenge remains in including exact data in the calculator. Many pregnant women, specially those who are about to be first time mothers, get confused between menstrual and ovulation periods. Both menstrual and ovulation period of the first two weeks are counted as the first two weeks of the pregnancy as well.

What happens is, women only start speculating about their pregnancies, when they miss their period. It is absolutely okay for someone who could put the data of the last period date in the calculator. Because that is what the calculator starts working with. Otherwise, a missed data would always come with wrong date.

So start by including the first date of your last calculator. You can always input the exact date of your conceive if you are aware of that.

Few other dates are asked by the calculators sometimes. And the last step is to submit the asked date and find out. With the pregnancy due calculator, expecting mothers would be able to know how many weeks of pregnant she is, whether the baby is growing fine inside the womb and how big it has become on that particular week.

What to focus on if you find you are pregnant?

The online calculators estimate due date of childbirth by simply estimating 40 weeks or 280 days of your pregnancy.

Once you have received the result, visit your doctor. She will guide you through all three trimester of pregnancy. And if not conceived with the calculator’s result, she can always go for ultrasound scan to know what exactly is happening inside your body. As we said earlier, every pregnancy is different and babies come out only when they are ready. A couple of weeks before or after the estimated due date of pregnancy is not abnormal.

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