Pastor Chris Treated as an Honored Guest, as He Tours the Holy Land in 2018

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

Pastor Chris Oyakhilome, simply known to his congregation as Pastor Chris, usually stays close to home to guide his flock at the Christ Embassy Church, but he recently embarked on a pilgrimage of his own. He concluded his 2018 tour of the Holy Land only a short time ago, which was planned in advance through the administration of the Christ Embassy Church. The trip was designed to bring hope to believers throughout the world, as Pastor Chris delivered his message of belief and hope.

Pastor Chris wasn’t alone on his journey. He was joined by hundreds of his own followers, even as he traveled to places like Jordan and Israel. The tour took the spiritual leader to visit sacred sites that hold special meaning to both the Jewish and Christian people. The tour had a special itinerary, taking Pastor Chris and others on the same path that Jesus Christ himself took, according to the passages in the bible.

Regardless of denomination, devout followers of Christ were all excited for Pastor Chris’ visit and the 2018 Holy Land Tour. It united followers together by giving them a chance to make a physical connection to the places and events described in the holy scriptures. Pastor Chris reported feeling overwhelmed by the generous acceptance his visit engendered.

Just as Pastor Chris made his tour of the Holy Lands, Israel celebrated two major events, making the visit and tour that much more special. First, Israel celebrated its independence, marking 70 years since the Jewish land was freed. Additionally, Israel was in the midst of seeing the U.S. embassy moved. Plans have moved forward to relocate the embassy from Tel Aviv to the country’s capital, Jerusalem.

Moving the embassy is something that has been long sought for many years. It wasn’t until this year that U.S. President Donald Trump made the announcement that the embassy would be moved. By relocating the embassy, the U.S. is officially recognizing the holy city of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel. It was a move that was highly celebrated with Israel’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs hosting a reception to mark the move.

The reception was well-attended by government officials, as well as by spiritual leaders. Pastor Chris was also invited to attend the reception. Upon arriving at the event, the leader of the Christ Embassy Church was treated as an honored guest by government officials and by members of the Jewish community. Israel officials were delighted to have Pastor Chris accept the invitation and made sure he felt welcome at the reception.

The reception was an enjoyable diversion from the eight day tour, but Pastor Chris still had much to see, before ending the visit. Along his travels, he toured the Tomb of Lazareth, Abu Gosh, the Sea of Galilee, Caesarea, and Mount Hertzel. Holy sites throughout the land of Jordan were also visited, making the tour especially extensive and more rewarding.

Pastor Chris wasn’t too busy with the Holy Land Tour that he dismissed his calling. In fact, he ministered several times at various locations along the way, taking ample opportunity to deliver the Word of God. Followers who attended the services hosted by Pastor Chris reported that the experience was uplifting and very rewarding. They reported feeling closer to God through the masses and said Pastor Chris’ preaching’s gave them a closer connection to the gospel and to the glory of God.

Once home, Pastor Chris was eager to share the experience with as many of his followers as possible. He shared videos of special moments from the tour on his YouTube channel. He also wrote about the experience of his Holy Land Tour on his blog, which can be found on his official website. While many people may not be able to experience the tour for themselves, the memories shared by Pastor Chris help to bring millions closer to Christ.

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