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No Game No Life Season 2

The first season of No Game No Life aired in 2014 and since then we are waiting for its sequel. Well, a lot of anime do that to us. You get a trailblazing season which is never followed suit by a sequel.

Season one of No game No Life thrilled us to bits and we keep pacing the length and breadths of our home while waiting for the second season. Many rumors did the rounds that season 2 of No Game No Life will be released in 2017 only to be turned out as a fallacy.

Instead of a sequel, we got a movie of No Game No Life. The movie which was presaged as a sequel was, in reality, a prequel that showcased the past events of the lives of Shiro and Sora.

Fans were hoping that the release date of the sequel will be announced but to their dismay, they there was no such announcement. But again, the No Game No Life anime season 2 is said to be made and the release is in the offing.

Stay tuned with us to get all the information about No Game No Life. Check out the spoilers, release date, and story here.

No Game No Life Season 2 Release Date

Those who were eagerly waiting for the second season of No Game No Life have got their prayers answered. The top-rated series is all set to air its sequel. Although Madhouse has had issues in making a sequel in the past, they are on their toes to do it now.

The novels of No Game No life have now got enough stories to be made into another TV sequel. The story is long enough that a 24-episode season can be culled out of it and still leave content for the third season as well. All the rumors that stated No Game No Life season 2 release date confirmed have been busted.

Though any information on No Game No Life second season was not divulged we saw its movie recently. The anime is likely to return after the movie release. Though there is no official communication on the release date, it is conjectured to be released somewhere around the Fall in 2019.

No Game No Life Season 2 Spoilers

The second season begins with the beach vacations with Sora and Shiro making the plans. After an alliance is forged between humans and Werebeasts, Izuna Htususe starts accompanying Team Blank and they also spend a night her house.

Plus, the last remaining male of Dhampir Species joins them on the beach vacation. Dhampirs are akin to a combination between succubi and vampires. They cannot withstand sunlight and survive on the bodily fluids of other races.

It is imperative for a young Dhampir to bite a consenting subject to drink his blood and only then he can reach his adulthood.

Ten Pledges require Dhampir to win games so that the get soul essence and blood. Unless Dhampir win games, female Dhampir will not be able to reproduce. Therefore, to fix this problem, Dhampir found a solution years ago and made a pact with the mermaid-like Sirens.

As per the pact, Sirens will have to mate with other races for reproduction and in lieu of that, they will fetch-soul essence. Dhampir females had agreed to the mating between Siren Empress and Dhampir males in exchange of blood.

800 years ago, Laira got bored with life and went to sleep using Ten Pledges. But mating pact continued which led to the depletion of Dhampir males because other Sirens had troubles controlling their desires and killed Dhampir males. The situation became so appalling that Plum was the only Dhampir male left.

As a result, the Dhampir species are on the verge of extinction. Plum is trying to manage his survival by feeding on the sweat of Shiro’s foot.  At this juncture, Plum requests Team Blank to help him and so they all plan to head to set Oceando.

In order to wake up Siren Empress, Team Blank has to enter Laira’s dream state and woo her so that falls in love with them in a realistic romance game. But there is one problem that Team Blank is terrible at dating sim games. So, Plum makes love potions which can befool Laira to fall in love. But that attempt fails too to awaken Laira from her deep slumber.

Volume 5 of No Game No Life shows Sora, Shiro, Plum, and Jibril to have a meeting with Azriel, a Flugel leader who played a role in the No Game No Life: Zero movie.

Team Blank challenges all of the Flugel to a game, hoping to convince Azriel to join the Elkia Federation.

But even the splendid library of Avent Hiem has no answer as to how to break the sleeping spell of the Siren Empress

Towards the end of the season, the Old Deus summons the Werebeast priest Miko who is named Horou. So, this time, situations have up the ante and Horu is setting up challenges for everyone. They have to win the challenge and the price for the victory is a friend’s life.

No Game No Life Light compared To the Anime

The first season was really appreciated across all the aspects viz. characters, story, etc.  Shiro and Sora had won world’s most “brutal coin toss” against the Warbeasts. Both of them establish the Elkia Federation. Team Blank grabbed race game pieces and challenged god Tet.

The shrine priestess Miko amplifies the problem by summoning an Old Deus. Old Deus loses its status and starts dwelling inside the priestess. This scene has tickled the imaginations of No Game No Life fans who are replaying the cliffhanger ending in the minds.


No Game No Life Season 2 might come to end with Volume 7 as the makers will think of keeping the same pace. The book comes to an end with a cliffhanger that heralds an amazing beginning for Season 3.

Come to us for all the updates and get exclusive information on No Game No Life.

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