Mistakes Successful Leaders Know They Should Avoid

Mistakes Successful Leaders Know They Should Avoid

Most actions of a business leader stem from a handful of important life skills. These skills influence how they tackle the various problems and issues that they face at workplace, their understanding of how to manage and motivate people and also the level of expectations that they set for themselves and their employees.

Like most things pertaining to an individual, there is no standard formula to go about these tasks but there are certain practices that you should definitely avoid.

These practices account for the negative characteristics in a leader and in order to develop a positive management style these must be avoided at all costs.

Following are several mistakes that successful leaders know they should avoid:

The Know it All Attitude

Working for bosses who believe that they know everything can be quite a frustrating experience. Such bosses are generally of the opinion that each person under them needs to be dictated as to what should be done and what shouldn’t be done.

Successful leaders never endorse such a behaviour and always believe that they are still in the learning phase. They think that there is always something to learn, even from those who are more inexperienced than they are. They do not make tall claims such as being more knowledgeable than the rest.

They are aware that they must leverage the knowledge and skills of their workers to take the organisation forward. As a result of this approach they always welcome the contribution of ideas from their employees. They are constantly thinking of ways to engage their employees and bring out the best in them.

Undervalue Communication

A leader cannot be called a successful leader unless they are able to inspire their colleagues. Mostly it is the lack of good communication skills that causes a leader to fail at becoming an inspiration for the team.

They are unable to convey important messages. Some commit the far greater mistake of saying one thing in a meeting and a completely different thing on email. Such actions generally give rise to distrust, turmoil and confusion.

Underestimating Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the thing that weak leaders lack. When they fly off the handle, they fail to see the damage that they leave behind and allow their emotions to gain control over their mind.

Successful leaders on the other hand have learned how to stay ahead of their emotions and have also learned the art of staying calm during a crisis. For such leaders their staff’s mood and employee morale are things that they always pay attention to and as a result they encourage and give praise to those employees who have faced setbacks in their pursuit.

Avoiding Conflict

Many leaders are unable to resist the temptation of veering away from uncomfortable and awkward confrontation. Irrespective of whether they do it intentionally or not, it certainly diminishes the urgency and importance of correcting mistakes.

Successful leaders are well aware that conflict is unavoidable and that it must be dealt with at the earliest to stop a problem before it turns into a menace. When personality or performance issues go unaddressed they are likely to increase in intensity over time.

Turning a Deaf Ear

When employees begin to feel that their concerns are not being addressed or that their ideas or opinions are not being given due consideration, they begin to see their employer in a negative light.

To prevent this build up of negativity, leaders must engage in active listening. They must show to their team that they are following up on concerns and honouring the promises that they have made to them.

Being Reactive and not Proactive

Reactive leaders find it difficult to anticipate problems and do not see the importance in planning for the future. Their inability to think ahead of situations, makes them miss out on valuable opportunities.

As they are constantly reacting to situations they are never prepared to handle crisis. They are also unable to capitalise on favourable circumstances that should help them to progress or advance towards their larger goal.

Successful leaders are aware of where they are headed and design their business and lives accordingly to make them reach their goals.

Besides the mistakes that have been listed above another common mistake that unsuccessful leaders make is that fail to realise the importance of taking their teams for corporate day out. It is important to give them the break that they rightfully deserve to make them perform at their best levels.

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