Men’s Hats: The Hats Are As Rich As Their Materials

Men’s Hats: The Hats Are As Rich As Their Materials

The fedora is one of the oldest hat designs in world history. The classic fedora and its variations evolved from the traditional tricorne, a three-cornered hat, which was popular during the 18th century. Even though their designs differ, almost all fedoras have one thing in common: a brimmed facial shield to protect wearers from the sun’s rays. Fedoras continue to grow in fame because they use lightweight, breathable materials such as hemp, felt, or straw explicitly designed for summer months.

While the classic fedora is wool felt variation, manufacturers sometimes use different materials to recreate this fashionable piece. The reason for using other materials can be multifaceted. For example, they affect each hat’s price, quality, and comfort quotient. Let’s take a look at the breakdown of some of the main fabrics that make your famous fedora hat what it is.

Wool felt fedoras

As you know, materials tend to be the mainstay of any clothing, and the case of fedoras is no different in that sense. Felt fedoras are the top-selling range, and you can’t go wrong, whether style or quality-wise, with a felt fedora. Usually made from wool because it is less costly than animal skin and more available than others, felt fedoras have a uniquely soft feel that stands out from their whimsical appearance. They also retain their shape nicely, unlike many other types of hats. If you wanted consistency in your hat, this might be for you. An animal fur used to make fur felt hats is also very soft and delicate. But they still don’t match the charm of the wool felt. 

When picking out that timeless wool fedora to wear, keep in mind that washing will be necessary from time to time. Wool has a slight disadvantage over straw hats since it isn’t wholly stain-proof. Although you cannot throw a woolen hat into the machine for a wash, you can remove minor stains by carefully scrubbing the area. Keep your water usage to a minimum so that it doesn’t take time to dry. Else, you will have one more area to handle.

Leather fedoras

Let’s take a look at all the pros and cons of leather. While it is expensive because it has a reputation as a superior material and often comes with a sheen or shine, it is beneficial to note that leather can withstand heavy wear and tear better than other materials. This factor makes fedoras made from high-quality leather very sturdy when adequately maintained. However, leather isn’t especially breathable, so the wearer should stay away from it in the extreme sun to avoid hot temperatures. Nevertheless, whenever you wear your leather fedora in brown or black, its versatility extends to your personality, making it look more stylish, elegant, and handsome. Since the classic hat also comes with a bit of ruggedness, you get an opportunity to show off your masculine side.

Straw fedoras

Straw fedoras are a practical choice for summer wear and beach vacations. They’re particularly popular with men since they offer protection from the sun’s harmful rays and typical high-temperature climates. You can find leather adjusters on some of the crowns, making them easy to modify for a custom fit.

However, a wide-brimmed fashionable hat tends to get all the attention when you think of straw hats. It is for any man who wants to look stylish while keeping the sun off his face during the summertime. And since these hats can handle plenty of daily wear, you don’t have to be afraid of wearing them on everyday outings or when you’re just relaxing at home watching TV. Stylish men’s hats like these, feature breathable stitching to ensure they aren’t too hot and don’t feel uncomfortable in warmer weather, either. Hence, you can feel free to wear them in spring, summer, and fall.

Hemp fedoras

Hemp is an excellent alternative to cotton and is stronger than cotton because it is lighter in density. Because of its elastic nature, hemp often comes in handy as a material to intertwine with other fibers such as wool or silk. It mills well into the fabric, lending the softness to any clothing that is easier to wear and not scratchy. That’s one reason why hemp hats have also entered fashion today. Nevertheless, hemp is not new to clothing. It has been prevalent among sailors and lifeguards for many years because of its strength while also being lightweight.

Getting this type of fedora-style hat means you can benefit from its moisture-wicking, antibacterial, antifungal, UV-light resistant, and other properties. It can retain its shape easily and is also easy to maintain. As this is biodegradable, the accessory will not create a burden on the landfills.

While fedora is a style, the fabric or material used in its construction is its soul. When the best of two combine, you can anticipate the outcome. 

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