Make Office Cleaning Easier With These 5 Tips

Make Office Cleaning Easier With These 5 Tips

Nobody likes to clean. Office cleaning isn’t one of the most exciting tasks in the world, but that doesn’t mean your employees can’t enjoy themselves while doing it. To motivate your employees to clean and to increase workplace mental health, check out the following ways to make office cleaning easier.

Install a Basketball Hoop in Your Office

To make cleaning easier and more fun, including the use of basketball hoops. These shouldn’t be used during work hours unless your employees are working together to get the office clean. Installing a basketball hoop above your recycling bins and trash bins can help reduce stress for boring and long days at the office. If your businesses use paper products that have been thrown away or recycled, small basketball hoops above the trashcans can give your employees a fun incentive to throw them out.

It’s important to restrict the use of the basketball hoops for any other means than to clean up the office area. You should also make sure that they’re not accessible to customers or that your customers can’t see the waste. It doesn’t look professional when you have a basketball hoop above your trash can in plain sight. These should only be used in the back office.

Start a Cleaning Rewards System

A cleaning rewards system encourages your employees to pick up after themselves during their downtime. Come up with different points for various duties and routines performed around the office. Hang up a white board or bulletin board where they can keep track of their cleaning tasks throughout the day.

At the end of the week, the person with the most points wins a special prize. This could be free lunch for the entire week or a gift card to a nearby restaurant. Establish a rule that your employees can’t leave the office until all of the cleaning tasks are done for the day. Some employees may have more time for these tasks than others, so give everyone a fair chance to get awarded for their efforts.

Declare an Official “Messy” Day

Declare one day out of the month to be a “Messy” day where everyone in the office cleans out their desks, clears out the break room, throws out old papers, and turns the entire office into a mess. This may sound counterproductive, but it allows your employees to make the office messy before cleaning it up, hence the name. As long as the “messy” day happens on a day when customers aren’t visiting or in a designated area where customers don’t see what’s going on, you’re free to let your employees make a mess and clean up after themselves.

Host Regular Meetings About Office Cleaning

It’s not always easy to get your employees motivated about cleaning. With the right approach, you can get them excited about making an important contribution to the workplace. Inform them that they’re less likely to be stressed out in a clean work environment. Lead by example by keeping your desk and work area clean at all times. Don’t leave any food or trash lying around in the lunch room. Your employees will notice your good habits and hopefully will repeat them.

Move Furniture With Caster Wheels

Equipment and furniture that has casters allow you to move around your office effortlessly and efficiently. You can glide these heavy items from one area of a room to the other. Or, you can move your desk to your employee’s work area when you need to clean your workspace out. Colson casters are perfect for this job because they make cleaning easier.

These small wheels attached to the bottom of your equipment or furniture help enable workplace mobility. Colson casters prevent workplace injuries. This reduces your risk of being hit with a workplace lawsuit. To help with their office cleaning efforts, use casters on all of your handling equipment and office furniture. Thanks to these handy gadgets, you’ll be done with cleaning before you know it.

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