Knee Replacement a Solution to Knee Pain

knee replacement in India

Bones and the Bony organization

Bones are the integral part of the human body. Bones gives us the structure as well as the organization of the human body. The bones in our body is very much characteristics in the way they are present. Human beings are mobile entity and because of that the human beings move in all possible directions and dimensions. So the body need to be in the balance from all possible angle. And as the human being we stay on earth, earth has a particular gravitational as well as the magnetic field. Any mismatch with that gravitational as well as magnetic field can cause serious dis-balance to the body. Thus it is very much required to the keep the balance of the body. Adding to that center of mass is also an important characteristic that hold up the balance of the body. The bones and the skeletal organization does each and every bit of thing that a human body needs for maintaining the balance of the body. Not only balance it also protects the body in the best possible way. Human body is full different organs which are very much required for proper functioning of the body. They are protected by this bony constitution of the body. In the human body total we have 206 bones each having different names to it. They are also the integral part of the movement system of the body.

Osteogenesis and Osteoporosis

The bones are formed by the bone cells called as the osteocytes. There are additional cells also that take part in the bone formation as well as in the bone remodeling. Those cells are the called as the osteoblast and the osteoclast cells. These accessory cells are very much important as they come from the same progenitor cell but differentiates in to different types of cell and thus helping the bone formation in different aspects. The formation of the bone are called as the osteogenesis, and the cycle that is the metabolic cycle involved in osteogenesis is called as the osterix cycle. This is a very new invention to the scientific world that osterix cycle not only helps in the bone formation but also very much able in the bone remodeling also. However a very hard substance the bone also prone to injury. Osteoporosis is the disease which causes the degeneration of the bone cells and also makes the bone very much fragile in every possible sense. These problems appears mainly during the aging period. And it all starts with arthritis, the common problem which gives rise to different sort of diseases.

Regions affected

Knee is the worst affected region of the human body when a human being undergoes arthritic problem. Along with the knee there are different joint areas that are also very much affected due to arthritis.

Mode of treatment

Medicines are present for the treatment of this arthritic knee pain. However it has been seen that the surgery is one of the best option of the treating the disease if done correctly. It is seen that knee replacement in India has become very much common these days and the best part is that the peoples are getting good result out of that.

Stem Cells

Stem cell progenitors are also very much effective. Although the people are familiar with the concept of stem cell. However in the coming years stem cell will be used properly in the treatment system.

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