Importance of Nasal Filter for Biker

Importance of Nasal Filter for Biker

Bike is the most common medium of travelling all over the world, weather people use it no daily basis or not but the point is everybody does travel by bike or scooter. So it’s very important to take out something which helps them to protect themselves from pollution and decrease the effect of pollution for them. Best solution is to use a face mask for pollution which helps to give pure air.

Here we are going to discuss why bikers need to use a face mask and what type of face mask they can opt by discussing on a different variety of mask available in the market,

Importance of nasal filter:

Nasal filter not only protects them from pollution but also helps them against dust, carbon particle, it also helps them to ride bike freely and undisturbed. Air pollution is rising day by day in India and around the world, so this is the right time to do something to stop it and meanwhile protect ourselves from getting affected by its side effects, many people think that air pollution only consist of dirt and carbon particles but the truth is that it also have lots more than that main harmful material is PM 2.5 which is very fine particle approximately one third of the diameter of human hair,

 These particle causes many problems due to its tiny size it penetrate deep inside the skin and respiratory tract which causes many problems after it reaches to lungs through the respiratory system. Lungs get affected by this tiny particle as it causes throat problem, lung irritation, coughing, runny nose as it also affect nose, as well as shortness in breath these all are short-term causes but there are some long-term causes which build up inside the body and show up after a long period of time problem like lung infection, worsening medical condition for example asthma and heart diseases.

The condition of air is getting worse and worse day by day it is depleting the atmosphere and human body as well, so we need to take care of ourselves by using such protection material and witness their importance in our life, now let us discuss what different types of mask available in the market:

  •    Half bike face mask: these are most common in this half of your face is covered by a mask which is made up of material that absorbs dirt and smoke particle, it helps to protect from air pollution and dirt but there are many side effects like you cannot talk to anyone while wearing this, you cannot eat or drink anything, so here is the introduction of another mask,
  •    Nostril mask or nasal filter: it fit into your nose, unable to enter any particle from minute to large in size so it is more effective and works more correctly instead of face mask as you may drink, eat, talk and there is no obstruction like feeling like you where this, it is easy to handle and easiest to use.

After having two options you may choose any of them but ensure you wear one of them at least, especially for bike riders bike face mask is necessary

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