Importance Of a Driving Licence in India

Importance Of a Driving Licence in India

One of the many documents required to drive a motor vehicle in India legally is a valid driving licence. A driving licence is an official document issued by the government of India that permits an individual to drive a motor vehicle on the roads in the country. It is a valid document of proof that states that an individual is capable of driving without any supervision. In fact, according to the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988, it is illegal for a person to drive a motor vehicle on the roads in India without a valid driving licence. For a person to have a driving licence, he or she must be 18 years of age or above.

A driving licence is issued by the Regional Transport Authority (RTA) or the Regional Transport Office (RTO). in order to obtain a driving licence, a person needs to first apply for a learner’s permit. After a stipulated period of time, the individual is subject to a driving test. If the person qualifies the test, then the issuing authority will grant him or her a permanent driving licence. While you will have to go to the issuing authority office to take the driving test, you can apply for the same online. For the same purpose, the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MoRTH) has created a vahan e-service portal, known as the Parivahan Sewa portal, wherein people can apply for their driving licence. Apart from that, the portal is helpful for many other services checking RTO fitness certificate online, blacklist status of vehicle, pollution certificate check, to name a few. People can apply for a driving licence for two wheelers, light motor vehicles such as cars, for private or commercial purposes, heavy passenger motor vehicles, heavy goods motor vehicles, etc.

One of the prime reasons why having a valid driving licence is so important in India is the fact that is a mandatory legal requirement. Just as you can be fined for not carrying your vehicle’s insurance card, or an expired Pollution Under Control (PUC) certificate, or having incorrect or invalid vehicle registration details, you can also be heavily penalised if you are found to be driving without a driving licence, for an amount as high as Rs. 5,000.

There are other reasons too as to why it is important to have a driving licence in India, such as the fact that it serves as a valid proof of identification for the individual. Similar to the Aadhar Card, Voter’s ID card, Passport, a driving licence is also a widely accepted form of personal identification. Moreover, it gives you a chance to be fully independent when it comes to commuting and transportation. If you are capable of driving a vehicle, then you do not need to depend on other people to ferry you around, or wait for public transport, which can be unreliable at times. It also makes it easier for you to purchase a vehicle, since to be an owner of a motor vehicle, you must have a valid driving licence in your possession.

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