How to Dress up Like a Gentleman


Dressing up to what the society expects of you as a gentleman comes with some challenges, but you can easily maneuver if you get it right from the word go. Remember, if you want to be treated as a gentleman, you must also depict it from your dress code, whether it’s casual or official wear.

However, before we proceed, you must also know that being a gentleman fulfills you to be an alpha male, someone that everyone wants to interact with. Others will be viewing you as their role model, meaning that now you’ll start treating your look as a responsibility.

So, how should a gentleman dress like? Well, the things that you must pay attention to include but aren’t limited to the following:


If you lack a watch in your dress code then automatically you don’t fit to be grouped with distinguished gentlemen. A typical gentleman is a timekeeper. You also show your worth through what you walk around dressed in.

In other words, you must wear a watch that matches your personality, and what people you want people to perceive you like. If you want to treat you like a Saudi Prince then you should buy reputable collections for companies like Nomos. There is a great variety to choose from and so, you shouldn’t miss your match.

Shoes and Belt

The first thing that people will notice about what you’re dressed in once you walk into that boardroom will be the shoes and belt. (Belt if you are wearing a suit).

The kind of shoes that you put on matters a lot. If you rock genuine leather brands then you’ve already nailed. It’s casual wear; make sure that you put on something decent, that doesn’t make people resemble you with a simp. High-heeled shoes, be it casual or official is a no for a gentleman!

Bright Colors

Brightly colored suits show authority and some sense of confidence when you walk into a room. However, you must make sure that you keep it away from neon or shouting colors.

For instance, a light blue business suit shows authority, while a heavily colored orange suit shows ignorance. The latter can actually work in comedy scenarios.

Dress with Occasion

Don’t go to watch cricket in a suit. Get that nice pair of jeans, a pair of leather boots and a baseball cap. Make sure you always dress to the occasion.

Class and Elegance

Finally, you cannot be regarded as a gentleman if you can’t walk it. Besides paying attention to all the tips above, like dressing and occasions, you still need to watch how you behave around people.

Remember your character is part of the dress code that tells about who you really are. Your attire spelled out opulence as soon as you walked in through the door, but can you maintain it?

So, how do you show class and elegance? A gentleman reads a lot. Make sure that if you are having a discussion brings in new things that you learned about. That way, everyone will see you as someone elegant! Also, be a good listener, it will pay.

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