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How to do Guest Blogging the Right Way?

Guest Blogging

In case, you are writing and posting guest blogs the right way, then these can build your authority, get you natural, high-quality inbound links, and even drive the traffic back to your platform or blog.  In case you are accepting them, you construct credibility in the eyes of your readers because readers, as per the experts rate multi-author blogs as more commanding.  The good news is that guest blogging is not a dead end or a dark horse; if you are doing it the right way, no matter you are receiving the guest posts for your blogs or you are posting your guest blogs on other platforms, things can turn out to be rosy for you.

It would be a different case if you are taking help of guest blogging service.  But if you are doing guest blogging you then you have to be equipped with all the information and knowledge that you should know.

The link spam issue

Once people realized that guest blogging was a great technique for search engine optimization and link building, they actually started to look for areas and places to publish their guest posts. Many blog owners, overwhelmed by the sum of work needed to maintain their blogs, welcomed guests posts with open arms from different kinds of contributors. Even marketing companies contacted these blog owners and proposed to pay them to publish guest posts on the behalf of their clients. Certainly once the content was both relevant and high quality to the blog, guest blogging advantaged everyone.

But you know it is unfortunate too that not all the blog owners published relevant or high-quality content. Some began to accept any type of content as long as individuals actually paid them to publish it, even if the content possessed spam links that had nothing to do with the concept or theme of the blog.

Say no here too

As guest blogging turned out to be more popular, guest blog networks arose on the Web. These networks teamed people who wanted to write guest posts with that of blog editors who required content. On the ground, this appeared like a creative way to connect great writers to wonderful blogs.

But unfortunately, since blogs in these networks were not at all screened for quality, many individuals generated crummy content that was packed with spam links. In some instances, spammers even penetrated the networks, but in different cases, network members were tiny-business owners who were unschooled about appropriate SEO methods. Actually there are guest blogging networks that demand the blogs agree not to edit the content of the guest post. In other words, eradicating a spam link would simply mean violating the terms and conditions.  As an addition to this, these networks do not allow individuals who published guest posts to add a no follow attribute to links in posts.  They simply could not disown spam links. They have to publish those posts as they are.  And as this thing came to light many guest blogs and posts networks got penalised   by Google.

How should Guest Blogging work?

Guest blogging, if done in a right manner follows a few of diverse scenarios. The foremost scenario happens when the editor of a top -quality blog acknowledges and recognizes your expertise in a topic and subject and asks you to form a guest post for that specific blog. You craft a well-written and quality blog post, and that top editor published it on a great website that gets a lot of traffic.  The blogger endorsed your guest post on social media so that hundreds, or even thousands, or even millions of readers witness it.  Ah, it would be the real taste of guest blogging.

Then there is another scenario too that imitates what really these freelance writers do when they wish to publish articles in conventional magazines. They simply come up with their ideas, pitch their ideas to a good editor, and then, once the ideas get accepted, send an article to the magazine.  Actually the guest bloggers who really wish to pitch unwanted posts should follow the steps like:

  • Look for a good magazine that might be ready to publish Articles
  • Try to contact the editors
  • Wait for the response and if you don’t get one; you can leave an inquiry in a few weeks.
  • Submit an approved guest post and if any type of modifications is needed by them; don’t hesitate to modify.
  • Finally pitch a post as per the calendar. For example, if you submit a Christmas related post in December it would make sense but if you do the same thing in June; get ready to face the disappointment.

You have to be committed

 There is no point of introducing short cuts in guest blogging. Pitching guest posts to a good editor requires a good amount of time commitment. It is because most of the blogs don’t pay for guest posts, it is not convenient to justify the time commitment when you are just getting paid in terms of prestige. However, guest posting if done in a right manner can offer many benefits for you and of course your brand or business.

Once you guest blog the right way, you are actually forced to research and target huge blogs. Your content even gets edited and this is something that allows you to present your work in the most effective and possible light. Since high-quality blogs do not transform into spam link networks, Google would not penalise the content of your guest post. Your guest post actually get endorsed on a good blog, gets shared on social media, and even in front of both fresh and loyal readers. Moreover, whether you are writing guest posts or taking them, you should keep some things in mind like quality, relationships only with reputed marketers, go slow and avoid spams.

Thus, again if you have taken up help of seo guest blogging service you already are in safe hands. But if you are doing your own blog posting tasks yourself then you should not forget what you read above.

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