How to Become a Blockchain Developer this 2019

Blockchain Developer

In 2030, the blockchain market is predicted to exceed $3.1 trillion, says Gartner a research firm. While the World Economic Forum report 2015 estimated that 10% of the GDP will be stored on a blockchain or blockchain related technologies by 2025.

Despite the challenges and doubts wandering around the technology’s sped, reliability, security and scalability, blockchain is still a popular technology skill. Did you also know that the highest demand comes from the U.S. and India – a study by Don Tapscott, Co-founder of Toronto based think tank Blockchain Research Institute?

No doubt blockchain developers are in huge demand due to the shortage of skills. The sectors that require blockchain developer are mostly the financial sectors, public sectors, government firms, healthcare, and startups and so on. Blockchain skills demand higher compensation in the IT market. The reason why being a certified blockchain developer can bank in for big bucks.

You might be aware of the terms bitcoin, cryptocurrency, smart contracts, and Ethereum, etc. well you need not stay surprised, being familiar with these terms is common if you’re seeking to take up blockchain as your career path.

To begin with, one must first understand what blockchain technology is all about. Have you heard about Bitcoin? That’s it, that is the technology that was implemented in Bitcoin and it was successful. Blockchain technology is a digital ledger that keeps a record of all important data or transactions that takes place without the help of a third-party person. Once the data is stored it cannot be altered or changed.

Becoming a blockchain developer is not a piece of cake, they’re the ones responsible to design the protocols, architecture of the blockchain, consensus protocol design, and the development of blockchain technology. However, the roles can vary at a professional level and from person to person.

Majorly there are two types of blockchain developer, one is a core blockchain professional and the other is the blockchain software developer.

The basic responsibility of a core blockchain developer is the handling of design architecture of the blockchain technology. On the other hand, a software blockchain developer uses this architecture to create blockchain applications.

The skills required to become a blockchain developer:

To becomes a blockchain professional, one needs to gain extensive knowledge and skills to get a good head start. One of the most notable practices that professional these days are doing, that is taking up certification programs and becoming a certified blockchain developer.

  • Web Development – this is one core aspect that is expected from developers. As one starts their journey in the blockchain it is critical that one understands the web development structure since one is required to work on front-end and back-end.
  • Data Structures – extensive and in-depth knowledge in the data structure is a must for all aspiring blockchain developers.
  • Cryptography – good hands-on experience in cryptography will be an added advantage for a blockchain developer.
  • Smart Contract Development – since the release of Ethereum smart contract development has been huge.
  • Blockchain Architecture – being a professional in the blockchain field, one must be aware of the working style, how it functions, and especially the architecture. Concepts such as distributed ledger technology, functions, hash, consensus should be fluent and at their fingertips.

Earning a credible certification in the above skills is a sure shot guarantee to help you land a job in this domain. Not only are these professionals sought after but even the salaries are lucrative in comparison to other job roles.

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