How Does Aging Affect Oral Health in Senior Citizens

How Does Aging Affect Oral Health in Senior Citizens

With age, human beings experience a lot of change in their bodies. Senior citizens are more susceptible to diseases and illnesses- their oral health is no different. Dentists across the world state senior citizens should go in for oral health check-ups at least 3 times in a year.

Family dentist in Camp Springs- oral health issues in senior citizens

Family dentist in Camp Springs clinics state cavities is one of the major issues that senior citizens face in old age. Most adults believe children get cavities however as you grow older you enter into the second phase of cavity induced years. Cavities affect older citizens primarily because they suffer from the dry mouth syndrome. Dry mouth syndrome is a normal for people when they age. Dryness in the mouth is associated with years of medication taken for high blood pressure, cholesterol, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s Disease and other health complications generally associated with older citizens.

When you visit a Dentist in Worcester, you should give him or her a list of the medications you are taking. This helps you to arrest the symptoms of dry mouth and cavities. Dentists in Camp Springs state you can prevent dry mouth and cavities by taking preventive measures like chewing sugar free gum, drinking more water, reducing beverages like soda and coffee, application of fluoride gel and using oral moisturizers that are available over the counter. Some dentists also recommend you should use a humidifier to retain the moisture in the air.

Gum diseases

Senior citizens are susceptible to gum disease. This is caused by accumulated plague that causes swelling and bleeding. Gum disease has no pain however it advances quickly. The gums gradually become loose and pockets of food particles tend to deposit in the space between the gums and teeth. If you wish to take care of your gums, ensure you brush your teeth twice daily, floss at least once in a day, drink plenty of water, eat a balanced diet and visit your dentist regularly.

Mouth cancer

Senior citizens also suffer from the risks of mouth cancer. Often you will come across early signs of mouth cancer like open sores, patches red and white in color, changes in the tongue, lips and mouth. Dentists also can detect early signs of mouth cancer. So, go in for regular check-ups and take regular cleaning sessions from credible dentists in the area.

When it comes to practicing good oral health, the sooner you start the better. It is never too late for you to begin a good oral health regime at any age. Teach your children good dental health habits early in life so that they take care of their teeth and prevent dental health complications as they grow older.

Family dentist in Camp Springs clinics say you should take care of your health and have good dental habits. As you get older, you are susceptible to develop several health issues. This is where you must floss and brush your teeth daily. Maintain a balanced and healthy diet. Drink lots of water along with fluoride.

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