Here’s What Happened When a Business Started Using Virtual Phone Numbers

Virtual Phone Numbers

When launching a business, the thought of setting up a phone system may not be at the top of your list of priorities, if on that list at all. If that is indeed the case, you are not alone. Research indicates that approximately one out of 25 business startups listed phone systems on their business startup checklist. And even for those who did list phone systems, it was far down on the list.

Many businesses start with a small team and end up using their mobile phones for business. As businesses grow, however, the need for a phone system of some kind eventually becomes apparent. Selecting the right phone system is important and more and more, businesses are opting for the use of a virtual phone system.

For decades, business phone systems have offered more than just a phone on the desk of every company staff member. From voicemail to call routing, call forwarding to conference calling, today’s phone systems have completely transformed the way businesses are able to communicate with their customers, partners, and within their own employee base.

For small businesses, however, the pricing of an in-house telephone system was often a challenge. Aside from the phone system equipment, the cost of managing the system, troubleshooting, and maintaining the system could be very high. This is where virtual phone numbers came in.

Much like online applications that you can use in the cloud, virtual phone services have enabled businesses to get more features for less money by removing hardware costs and delegating the costs of management and maintenance across a number of businesses. In addition, with the use of virtual phone numbers, businesses can use their existing phone devices.

Here’s what happened when a business started using virtual phone numbers:

A company is able to use their virtual phone number to advertise. Whether it is a local virtual phone number, a toll free virtual phone number, or a vanity toll free virtual phone number, these numbers can be used to advertise and also track marketing initiatives.

A company is also able to use the virtual phone number and greeting features to set up a professional greeting for callers, with menu options for transferring to extensions, the ability to leave a voicemail message, or the ability to press a button and hear general recorded information about the company. This is extremely convenient for callers. Hold music is also available.

A business is also able to reroute calls when needed. If a staff member will be out of the office, calls made to the business’ virtual phone number can be automatically forwarded to a landline or mobile phone number of the staff member’s choice, so that important calls are not missed.

Other features such as call parking, call transfer, caller ID, call waiting, customized ringtones and messages to SMS can be activated along with the business’ virtual phone number. These are all complementary to a business’ customer service offerings.

So, when discussing virtual business phone numbers, here’s what happened when a business started using virtual phone numbers:

·      Happier customers

·      More productivity

·      Increased mobility

·      Enhanced growth

·      More connection with customers and partners

·      Unlimited growth potential with the business phone system

Managing a business virtual phone number system is also simple. With Global Call Forwarding, everything is controlled from an easy to use online panel. There is no hardware to deal with and customer service specialists from Global Call Forwarding are experienced, professional, and just a phone call away.

If you are still wondering whether a virtual phone number is right for your business, here’s what happened when a business started using virtual phone numbers: increased success. That is the top goal for every business.

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