GIANTECH Engineering

GIANTECH Engineering

This Singapore based Marine as well as industrial engineering company (formerly known as Goh IGS & automation Pte Ltd(GIA)) is certainly in the leading edge of the market in South east Asia.  As they shifted their targets from local to international, on 5th April 2016 the company got recognized as GIANTECH Engineering Pvt Ltd. With the new name, they also aim to strengthen their international market shares. Being in work for over 17 years, GIANTECH displays an experienced and trustworthy nature.

Started up as a marine engineering company in 2001, the company has successfully served over 2100 times. Approaching a customer count of 800 from just the marine services, GIANTECH was  worthy of being in one of the Singapore’s fastest growing company 2019. The engineers here are even authorized to conduct annual maintenance of companies like AIR PRODUCTS, ATLAS incinerators, KYMA etc. You can also get well sourced spare parts like Inert Gas Systems, N2 systems, boilers & burners and incinerators at reasonable prices. GIANTECH gives out products to exceed customer expectations, they work harder everyday for your smooth sailing over the sea.

Advanced combustion equipment is helping industry sector of the company to gain its power in South East Asia.  Alongside company also provides excellent environment solutions and plant services to many petrochemical, food processing and paper based industries. Till date GIANTECH has operational offices at Singapore & USA and is a partner of many USA’s leading industrial companies such as ICI instruments and control (USA). With such a high level of expertise, it has never failed to meet its customer’s expectations. It also represents products from Frederick Cowan Products by ICI, Zeeco and Nationwide Boiler Incorporated. Currently operating GIANTECH industrial offices are set up in Singapore, USA and Vietnam. Supplying world class products for over a decade, GIANTECH has trust of many of its customers worldwide.

GIANTECH’s History goes way back, brightening its path since 2001 when it was set up specializing in Hamworthy MOSS IG systems. In 2005 Maritime Protection AS and Air Products AS chose it as their sales agent. By 2015, 5 huge companies chose GIA to be their authorized service agent. After becoming ‘GIANTECH’ in 2016 it launched GIA engineering D.O.O. in Croatia to service locations across Europe. In 2019 the company established its repair programme and became an official distributor of ERAB. With such a history of great success and fulfilled expectations, GIANTECH Engineers might be THE ONE you’ll need. 

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