Get Advice from a Therapist for the Scar Management

Get Advice from a Therapist for the Scar Management

If you got an injury or a surgery, your body will naturally make a scar. The tissue of spots can become a problem if it limits function and it certainly gets unpleasant to look at. You can get a recommendation from a physical or occupational therapist who specializes in treating extreme injuries can help.

There are many factors a therapist takes to determine the best course of action for scar management. They have their unique ways to heal and recognize the types of scars a person has got and then they start their therapy. Here, the matter is covered for your better understanding.

The closeness of the scar

A scar might cling to the surrounding tissue such as tendons or muscles. As tissues start to heal, scar adhesion can make your movement more difficult. So many therapists prescribe specific and directed movements that can reduce the chance of adherent scarring. On the other hand, you can always try out, the best scar Soap and it can help you get rid of this problem.

The shape of the scar

If you have got a scar from a surgery, it normally forms a thin line. If your scar is from an accident, it may be irregularly shaped or vary in depth which could make it unpleasant to look at.

Types of scars

As your skin heals, it shrinks a little thus, it can cause pain and interfere with motion.  Hypertrophic scarring can occur causing scar tissue to form on the outside of the normal borders of the wound. Then the Keloid scarring can also occur which causes a large, raised scar on your skin. The best and proven treatment for these types of scars can always be no scars soap online.

The sensitivity of it

Skin is used to being touched by different things during the day like, clothes, jewelry, and resting surfaces. After you got an injury or surgery, the wound area is covered for a short amount of time to keep it clean and protected from the outside environment. In this period, the skin can become hypersensitive and this very situation can be very painful.

Treating the scars

If you have a scar that is giving you pain or is limiting the use of your hand or arm, here a hand therapist can help using some treatments

  • Scar massage

The normal skin can be lifted and moved in all directions. If you get a massaging on the exact place it helps the scar move the same way as the normal surrounding skin. You can use a lotion which will help you massage your scar in circles, side to side, and then, up and down.

  • Scar pads and tape

Silicone pads are another way to heal scars from an injury. This offer compression and help to soften the skin it results in a flat and less noticeable scar. A silicone pad is used as a sticker to the skin. Your hand therapist might recommend you to wear it overnight. If your scar is not in normal shape and it’s deep, here a silicone-based elastomer can be applied.

You will also find desensitization as a method of scar treatment by hand therapists. Also, check out this article for a better understanding of scars.

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