Get a Hair-free Bottom: 7 Tips on How to Properly Shave Mens’ Butt Hair

Shave Mens’ Butt Hair

Men by nature are hairy. While some men like their bodies hairy, there are those who want a clean and smooth skin. Thus, they resort to different means to get rid of body hairs such as shaving.

Shaving the hair on your butt, in particular, is one way to go hair-free. Cleaning this delicate requires a careful hand to avoid accidents. As such, you need to include precautions to get a hair-free bottom sans the nicks and cuts.

Prepare Your Shaving Equipment

Before you shave your butt, make sure to prepare the shaving equipment you need for this job. You’ll need the following: A razor, shaving mirror, an antiseptic such as alcohol, and shaving gel. These items should be readily available.

Take a Shower

Before you start shaving your hair off, you have to take a shower first. Make sure to use warm water when you take a bath. It helps open up the pores and makes your hair much easier to work with.

After your body is warm and wet from showering, apply a good shower gel, or an antiseptic body wash. Be sure to lather the area thoroughly, including the insides of your butt cheeks.

A proper grooming routine ensures that your body is clean and ready when you shave the hair off of your bottom.

Use a New Razor for Your Butt Cheeks

Using a new razor for your butt cheeks is essential to achieve smoother results. Always bear in mind that you should never shave with a used razor even if you rinse it with alcohol. Thus, a used one could give a higher risk of bacterial infection on the area.

Before shaving, get a shaving gel and apply it to your buttock’s cheeks. You can start from the outer cheek area and do the shaving in a bottom to the top motion and goes against the hair to ensure the cheeks are thoroughly well.

However, you don’t need to press hard when you do the job. Thus, it is ideal to be gentle and patient together with a slow approach. Doing it would help you prevent from getting cuts or nicks.

Use a New Razor for your Butt’s Interior Part

After your butt cheeks, you can now proceed in shaving the hair around your butt’s hole. It is now going to be the most challenging part of your butt’s shaving journey. Take a new razor and do the task with precision. Make sure to carefully shave this part to avoid unnecessary wounds and cuts.

Most men are hairy on the interior part of their bum. So when shaving it, bend over to get a better vision to your anus area. You should apply a gel first and place the mirror on a flat surface, then start the job using your razor.

Cut the hair smoothly and steadily in its hair growth, and keep on rinsing it with cold water. Thus, doing the job twice will make you feel all clean.

Rinse-Off When Done

After successfully doing the job, you can now rinse yourself off in the shower. You should clean your bum thoroughly using a gentle antiseptic soap especially on your newly opened hair follicles. Thus, cold water is best for closing the pores.

Do Pat Dry

After doing the shower, make sure to gently pat dry yourself using a clean and dry towel especially to the freshly shaved butt area. Always remember to avoid rubbing it or doing abrasive movements since it may irritate the skin.

Apply Powder

Putting powder on your bum after the job would give you a more refreshing feeling. It is also essential to apply the right amount of powder daily especially for the first week of shaving.


Hygiene is a reflection of how you take care of yourself, and it is necessary to all the parts of your body. However, your butt needs extra attention since it is delicate and sensitive. Thus, make sure to regularly check your ass and do proper personal hygiene such as shaving to avoid germ-causing illnesses.

Shaving for most men is indeed one of their ways to maintain cleanliness. Hence, you can get info on how to shave butt hair and other hygiene-related stuff from a lot of sources reputable sources online. Once you find a routine that’s fit for you, then you’re good to go.

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